More and more people are becoming hostagespoor lifestyle. which leads to obesity. Poor diet, low physical activity, bad habits... the world health organization concluded that 15 of the world's population is suffering from obesity. Sadly, but true.

Even those who have a normal figure, young people (both boys and girls) begin to grow stunted when overeating and inactive. Why? For the habitual vital activity (movement, heat formation, blood circulation, restoration of tissues) the body needs a certain amount of energy. He gets it with food.

If the energy is more than what is required, if the body receives more calories than it spends, at least 1% - the balance in the body is disrupted, and the person begins to gain weight. Does one of us think about it, eating another pack of ice cream, a cake or a candy? Hardly. But the fullness begins with the uncontrolled intake of a wide variety of foods.

Well, if it happened, then you have recovered, do not despair. Try to reduce the calorie content of food (eat less carbohydrates - sweet, fat, more fruits and vegetables, they are rich in vitamins); follow the work of the intestines; and most importantly - increase energy costs. Specialists in the field of physiology say that for a normal life of the body a person needs to consume about 1000 calories per day.

People who predominantly mental. not physical labor, requires about 600-700 calories and therefore they have a daily deficit of energy. To increase energy expenditure by using physical therapy, dance, massage. Being physically active need not only those who started to gain weight, but also to those who want to maintain the results already achieved or has a good figure from nature.

Running, Biking or skiing, walking, sports and games, gymnastics, swimming  - all this is a good weapon in the fight against excess kilograms, but only when the lessons are regular and systematic. After all, it happens that you seem to work on yourself, you are engaged in the sweat of your face, but there are no results. Why? The fact is that the sense of one lesson per week, where you have exhausted yourself as a few, is not perfect.

Irregular and moderate exercise only served to increase appetite. Need to engage in it at least 3-4 times per week, in sufficient volume, with an optimal load. A very good tool for weight loss – walking, but not walking “in rusalochku”, and fast, at least 100 steps per minute. Overweight people are advised to undergo 6-8 km every day. But walking the stairs for 25-30 minutes or more are able to free you from 500-700 gr. excess weight. In half an hour you will rise and go down somewhere 16-18 times.

People who are overweight  you need to exercise daily, 15-20 minutes in this case will not help, at least 45-60 minutes of your efforts. Do a variety of exercises, so as not to get bored, do gymnastics with dumbbells, a ball and an expander, in the morning, jog. Lose weight is best in the summer, especially during the holidays, when you do not need to eat in a hurry, that will fall under your arm. You can reduce the amount and caloric content of food, refuse from cereals and pasta, replace them with vegetables and fruits.

Weigh yourself often. so you will see your results. This will give you the urge to lose today a little bit, tomorrow a little bit more and so every day. You will see that your weight will decrease. Remember that moderation in nutrition and good physical activity are a guarantee of health and beauty.