It is the gait that creates the first impression of a woman. Agree that even if fashionably and beautifully dressed, with a chic hairstyle and a stylish handbag in the hands of a fairy tale woman steps on her half-bent legs, this creates not a very pleasant impression.

Of course, no one forces to walk like a supermodel in fashion shows.Gait should be natural. but at the same time graceful. It should demonstrate self-confidence and be an integral part of your successful image.

Unfortunately, we can not see ourselves from the outside. Butyou can watch the rest. "Peep", who is walking. What a gait looks beautiful, and what a funny, if not ridiculous - well, every thing in life happens, we are all people. It is much easier to learn from other people's mistakes. Here they are: Suture. It is noticeable at once, it looks very ugly and creates the impression of a man's uncertainty in himself. Too big a step does not allow time for legs to straighten out, and small shining little steps look fussy.

When heavy gait   Instead of ringing the heels, sounds are heard, similar to the tramping of an elephant. The irritation causes shuffling, and you want to shout after: "Raise your legs. "Otherwise, young people are associated with old grandmothers and grandfathers. Makhi's hands at walking look like the military's movements on the parade. The clubfoot, the unread belly and eyes, lowered into the asphalt, are also unlikely to give anyone a beautiful look ...

The gait is affected by several factors. correct setting of the foot, hand movements, straight posture, and comfortable shoes. When walking, the body body should slightly deflect back. The back is flat, the thorax is straightened, the buttocks should not be hidden under the spine, but also not protrude too much. At each step, the feet should be on one line, with the socks should be turned outward. The head should be slightly raised, the line of the chin parallel to the ground, the eyes look slightly upward, but you do not have to tear your nose too much.

Many people lower their heads, explaining this by the fact that one should look under their feet, beware of pits, irregularities, puddles. Of course, a good excuse, but if you think that looking ahead, we will see all the "hindrances" on our way long before they approach, you can look up from the ground and go beautifully. Hands when walking should not hang limp along the trunk, but also waving them, dissecting the air, also to nothing.

And: do not keep your hands constantly in your pockets. This indicates the tightness. If you do not know where to put your hands and feel uncomfortable because of this, carry a purse that you can hang on a hand bent at the elbow. This will give you femininity. The gait should be slightly springy, light, and for this you just need comfortable shoes. Manywomen today abuse the shoes with heels.

Of course, a high hairpin - it's very beautiful, feminine, the figure visually stretches. But this exerts a tremendous strain on the feet, pads of the feet, the lower back begins to suffer, legs can swell and hurt due to circulatory disorders. If you are not sure of your gait and the ability to beautifully stick on your heels - do not buy too high studs, otherwise you risk looking ridiculous and spoiling your health.

Train to walk nicely at home in front of the mirror.   Relax, straighten, raise your head and proudly demonize the room. At first it may be a bit unusual, but it's normal. Try to move around with a book on your head (and heavier). This will help keep the body still. To strengthen the back and even posture, it is also recommended to perform exercises to strengthen the spine.