If you think that children fitness classes to anything, then you are mistaken. The sooner a person starts to work on himself, the less he has health problems in the future. Many fitness clubs already have in the schedule of classes under “Children's fitness”.

This program corrects the posture, prevents flat feet and problems with the musculoskeletal system, strengthens the cardiovascular system, promotes coordination, strength, flexibility, endurance, a sense of rhythm, artistry, and is a wonderful, interesting pastime for your child.

Experienced fitness instructors make the classes fun and exciting, so that your child will not be bored. Bright and positive emotions, the joy of overcoming difficulties and obstacles, interesting communication and new friends is another incomplete list of what awaits a small athlete in the walls of fitness clubs. Classes include elements of choreography, gymnastics, aerobics, various dance styles, yoga and martial arts.

Competently composedthe training program   provides not only the harmonious development and strengthening of the child's body, but also teaches him to work in a team, to communicate with peers and adults. Depending on the age, training simply can have different shapes. Children's fitness for 3-5 year olds is a simple, but very useful and effective exercise that is performed in a game form.

For the little ones there are special types of children's aerobics: the beast-aerobics – imitation of movements of animals, logo-aerobics – exercise with a simultaneous pronunciation of sounds and quatrains. Restless for 6-10 year old boys and girls appear classes and exciting sports games. In working with adolescents 10-15 years the emphasis is on the desire of every teenager to appear older. They are offered a variety of dance classes and almost adult classes.

Also the instructors for children's fitness   teach their players to swim, climb on vertical surfaces (rock climbing), ride a bicycle and roller skates. Unlike different sports sections, fitness excludes the appearance of professional injuries, besides, the child's psyche is not injured, - he does not feel like a failure if he does not succeed.

The main principle of training for children is, of course, safety. The curriculum here is designed with special care in the selection of exercises is made by highly qualified instructors, sports equipment in the hall is convenient and safe, medical monitoring is carried out continuously, the facilities for training with kids meet all sanitary and hygienic norms.

Every year, the number of children who do not attend preschool institutions is growing and, therefore, do not receive enough physical activity. Although, if a child goes to kindergarten or school, in most cases, due to insufficient funding, lack of experienced specialists and equipment, physical education is not at the highest level, let alone an individual approach to babies. Children always aspire to be in all similar to their parents, to imitate them, to take an active part in their lives.

For the guys fitness club   Is a serious step towards seeming to be more mature and independent, to be as beautiful as mom and dad. Therefore, be the best example for your children, instill in them love for sports and physical activity, teach them a healthy lifestyle, so that in the future your sons and daughters delight you with their successes and achievements.