A healthy balanced diet is exactly what the body needs, and not only during the spring vitamin deficiency. It always helps to strengthen immunity, to establish working processes of the gastrointestinal tract and to get an excellent state of health. Especially such food is necessary when playing sports.

But here you can not get along with ordinary food, because it is not always able to provide the body with the body that trains all the substances necessary for it. Depending on the goals that you set for yourself, starting attending classes at the fitness club, you should take certain fitness supplements. Vitamin-mineral complexes, amino acids, protein and protein-carbohydrate concentrates, fat burners and many other things will help you to work more effectively on yourself.

To train at full strength, you need a good source of energy. Blood glucose is not suitable, as it ends already in the 4-8 minute of intensive training. You will be able to provide energy with glycogen, this is a kind of glucose concentrate, there will be enough of it to properly exercise for about 60 minutes. After an hour, working capacity drops sharply, and the body turns to an emergency source of energy - begins to "outlast" the muscles.

However, the effectiveness of such a "fuel" is low, so you will not show the same intensity. Depletion of glycogen stores is the main cause of muscle fatigue. Increase stamina and protect your muscles will be low-carbohydrate drinks - an aqueous solution of glucose and sucrose. These carbohydrates are easily digested and replenish the melting glycogen stores. If you plan to exercise for more than an hour, then you need to drink 100-200 gr. drink for every 15-20 minutes.

There are also beverages with a high carbohydrate content (up to 110 grams), but they are not needed for daily training. They are recommended for those who are "threatened" by a serious sport test - marathon run, multi-kilometer bicycle or ski race. If your sports loads are small, then you do not need such drinks, because they can bring you a bunch of extra calories.

Another product created by the fitness industry is a protein cocktail. It is prepared by mixing on water or skim milk, a special powdered protein. Protein cocktails contain from 40 to 70 gr. protein per serving. You need to drink such cocktails after training, to provide the muscles with building material for growth. By the way, adapting to training, muscles increase the need for protein. If you leave protein intake at the same level, there is a risk not to advance in the results.

The extra protein makes the muscles elastic and full. Of course, instead of a drink, you can eat an extra piece of beef, but it's so long to cook ... One-time protein is 40-50 g. and you do not need to mix it up. The effect of doping protein does not have, you can not worry.

On the shelves of the fitness bar you can also find mineralized drinks. Some scientists believe that water for athletes need to be enriched with mineral salts, that seemingly their deficit worsens the condition of the muscles. In addition, water is supposedly better absorbed by the body when it contains mineral salts. But if you understand, then the significant loss of mineral salts threatens only marathoners, ordinary fans of the fitness club have nothing to fear. In addition, the salts in such drinks are too few. The only weighty plus - they have a pleasant taste and are so easy to drink. And you can drink them more than plain water. But they are worth a lot. So here it's up to you.