"Something with my memory has become. "– sung in one song. Really, sometimes we notice that the memory is not what it used to be. We often begin to forget things, looking for a long time in memory the phone numbers of friends, forget to do it. What is it? Does memory decline with age is a pattern? But, no! Your memory can and should develop!

Only 3% of people can boast a phenomenal memory from birth, others need your memory regularly to train. As you know, there are three main types of memory: visual, auditory, motor. Thanks to visual memory, we remember everything seen, the auditory helps memorize different sounds.

Motor memory is special. Thanks to the motor memory, our body is able to remember the process of performing any actions, for example, walking. Remembering this happens automatically.

Someone of us is one of the types of memory can be developed better, the other worse, and someone boasts a well-developed memory of all three types. Therefore, one of the most famous and most widely used methods for memorizing various information is to use all types of memory together.

What are methods of development of memory?

We remember only what we notice therefore the development of memory directly depends on the development of care. How to develop mindfulness? Do not need any special techniques or exercises. It's fun and pleasant to train your attentions on a walk, for example, noting how many green cars passed by, how many people with a red backpack passed, etc.

Well train the attention also games from the series "find 10 differences". Such games are taught to focus on small details, the brain gets used to active work.

For those who have visual memory is better developed hearing, it is recommended to better remember information perceived by hearing, heard linked with mental visual images.

For example, to remember the phone number, you can imagine exactly how we will dial it on the telephone. Then you need to imagine that at the other end of the line, "busy" and, speaking out the number aloud, try mentally dialing the number again. Each new similar exercise has a positive effect on the development of memory.

It has been noticed that easier to remember information that we have formulated for yourself in your own words. Something incomprehensible, expressed by unfamiliar words, will be remembered much worse. Therefore, for the development of memory, one should not just try to cram some text, but comprehend it, seek explanations for unfamiliar words and terms.

Systematization of the information received   - Another good way to develop memory. Highlighting the main and secondary, we help our brain to determine what exactly should be memorized. Therefore, it is very useful to outline important information. We not only include visual and motor memory in the memorization process, but also systematize what we heard, highlight key concepts and words. Later, reproduce information "spread out on the shelves" will be much easier.

Methods of memory development with the help of creative thinking is called eidetica. from the Greek Eidos – image, picture, and for those who develops their creative thinking, this method is the best way to memorize anything. It is sufficient to associate the memorized object or action with something familiar and understandable, as, voila, we can easily remember the information we need.

Here, for example, in Japanese "field" sounds like "that". This hieroglyph is depicted as a square divided by two lines into four parts. Is it easy to remember this Japanese character? Yes, if you choose a successful association! Imagine a field plowed with a tank. We got the "field-tank-ta" association Now it's easy to play this hieroglyph in memory.

Developing your memory, we should not forget about nutrition. The lack of certain vitamins and minerals in our body can lead to memory impairment. So, for example, a decrease in the function of the thyroid gland, even at a young age, can cause failures in the memory. Therefore, for the prevention of thyroid disease, you should eat iodine-rich foods, for example, sea kale or special iodized salt.