How to survive the heat? This issue is of concern not only to people suffering from chronic diseases, but also ordinary healthy people: when the thermometer shows forty is a serious reason for concern.

The main dangers of heat for most people are dehydration, solar and thermal shock, sunburn. For people with heart disease or cardiovascular system, kidney heat is dangerous and the occurrence of serious complications.

Temperatures above + 30-35 ° C for our latitudes are a real anomaly, but for the tropics or deserts it is common. Do you remember what the representatives of the peoples of the deserts usually wear? That's right, in tight robes, turbans. And this is not only protection against burning sand, which throws a deserted wind on the rider, but also protection against overheating. Heavy clothing does not allow moisture to evaporate, the headpiece protects the head from sunstroke.

Of course, to dress in such extravagant European look of the clothes is not necessary, but something you can borrow. So to beat the heat, choose from her wardrobe the clothes of light light natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. Such fabrics absorb sweat well, let in air. Synthetics are contraindicated.

The head should be required to cover the hat, Panama, cap  - your choice. Without this, the risk of getting a sunstroke is huge!

Get your shoes easy summer shoes that will provide free access of air to Your feet. Sandals, sandals, slippers. Men are allowed to wear moccasins or sandals on bare feet, women are advised to give up high heels.

Suitable clothes are a good half of success in the fight against heat. Other, often used by us ways to survive the heat, are soft drinks, desserts and, of course, air conditioners.

Nobody needs to prove that in the heat should drink plenty of fluids  - The feeling of thirst, haunting us in hot weather, itself tells us about it. However, you should pay attention to what you are drinking.

You can drink chilled juices "sour": bright, grapes, oranges, grapefruit.  Gently use juices from dark grape varieties, pomegranate juice, as these juices increase the density of blood.

The best drink to quench your thirst in the heat is considered to be tea, with hot. The inhabitants of hot countries drink hot tea that way. Hot tea gives a diaphoretic effect, and the sweat, as is known, the best means of thermoregulation of the human body. Besides, tea helps to "dilute" the blood and therefore reduces the risk of blood clots.

It is possible to quench the thirst of mineral water without gas, or normal slightly salted water.  The fact that salt has the property to hold water in the body, so drinking salt water will save you from dehydration.

To survive the heat You will not help absolutely a cold beer, sodas.  First, they are even more hungry, and secondly, "ice" water, and even with gas, is the right way to cold. In addition, the use of beer or other alcoholic beverages in the heat increases blood pressure, palpitations increase - this can trigger a hypertensive crisis!

As for chilled desserts and food in General, the heat should be very carefully treat to the meal. Beat the heat will help avoiding excessive consumption of fatty heavy meals in favour of light vegetable and dairy.  It is not advisable to use such delicacies in the heat as cakes, cakes, pies - they are all "heavy" for the stomach.

To survive the heat helps smaller meals: often and in small portions. The main meal it is best to move at a later time. but don't forget that bedtime can not eat. Try not to refuse a Breakfast, but if "not go" – do not make myself violently.

Cooking food in the heat should be small portions, because in this weather, all products deteriorate faster. So forget about the habit of cooking a huge soup pan for a week - there will not be any benefit from such a soup.

And, finally, about the air conditioning. This is, without doubt, a useful invention that can help beat the heat, but at the same time can bring a lot of harm. First, air conditioning can work efficiently only if the street is not above 43  (depending on the model), for higher temperatures, special models are needed.

Second, standing under the air conditioner, you risk catching a cold. because often the temperature of the stream of air coming from the air conditioner is 13-15 degrees lower than the temperature in the room.

If there is no air conditioning, beat the heat will help folk remedies. You can curtain the Windows with wet sheets, blackout blinds – this will help to reduce the temperature in the room. Also helps the bottle with ice – putting her in the night on the bed, You will reduce the room temperature by 2-3 degrees.

Heat is a serious test for the organism, so do not load it with heavy physical exercises or heavy physical labor. Especially it is not recommended to engage in physical activity in the "rush hour" - from 11-12 to 17-18 hours, when the solar activity is maximum. Remember the custom of siesta in hot countries.

Heat is not only physical and emotional discomfort, is a serious danger to the body. So try to observe the basic rules of conduct in hot weather  and then experiencing the heat you will be much easier.