In our days people suffering from myopia or hyperopia, have the opportunity to correct their eyesight with glasses or contact lenses. Which of these methods of correction better? What is better: glasses or contact lenses? Together with the Country councils will try to find answers to these questions.

In the human eye, the image of objects focuses on the retina using the lens of biological lenticular lenses. The lens can shrink and expand by changing its curvature, as a result, we can see equally well close and far objects. Such a property of the lens called accommodation.

For the accommodation of the lens meet, special eye muscle – the ciliary muscle{!LANG-f2d24bd775a0492cf47ea82fcfc58b98!}

Nearsightedness, known in official medicine myopia{!LANG-46bd1f5785c489ad9f3159abb4299b51!}


Myopia can be congenital and acquired.{!LANG-8cc45117fd2be43242791e04b7b67126!}

Hyperopia – hyperopia{!LANG-e7d2adea46fd6f7186847e08913758da!}

Contrary to popular belief sighted people often sees poorly and far and near{!LANG-a3debd1ae3a411b225d0f993cfe24330!}

Violation of the uniform curvature of a lens leads to another violation of the refraction of the eye astigmatism{!LANG-284d4658637448bc18f496d39336134b!}

Correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism is with glasses, contact lenses, surgical or laser correction.{!LANG-c79c6745ac6d0b026294d8b8077882c5!}


  • {!LANG-f068d0b586690fd457ebc8503796762a!}
  • medium – 3 to 6 diopters
  • strong – more than 6 diopters.

And glasses and contact lenses have their pros and cons. So, {!LANG-b3d4a452fabc03dd1a22d87875cfa08f!}. First, it's cheap – once buying glasses, you can forget about a re-purchase. Secondly, the modern eyeglass frames not only spoil the appearance, but, on the contrary, decorate it as a stylish accessory. And finally, thirdly, to remove and wear the glasses much more comfortable than lenses.

However, sunglasses have many drawbacks.{!LANG-b1845dcacb52cc86a5989cf2bfaf16d4!}

Contact lenses, in turn, completely deprived of all the aforementioned shortcomings.{!LANG-49f12225d91a9e2ff968ccbe79298042!}


The disadvantages of contact lenses include the need for their frequent replacement and scrupulous care.{!LANG-30836cde46cfd527cc41cdbaf16d5721!}


People who use contact lenses often complain of dry eyes.{!LANG-de9cea4ff60eaf900ae2ceb2703a17db!}

Women who wear contact lenses should be particularly careful approach to the selection of cosmetics – it is best to use a special line for contact lenses{!LANG-e8091a0ad9c7adc56f10da7a64dccfef!}


In particular, contact lenses need to be people with a large difference in the optical power of the lens for each eye{!LANG-59b72dfa0e98214aa41986b0a97ceabb!}

I have glasses 3.5 D read and 1.2 D for driving and not only. 1,2 glasses well see the road but can't see the readings on the display of the dashboard of the car. Question: if I change my glasses for contacts – I can equally see both distance and near?

Contact lenses forever!)))