The hot summer brings not only joy, but also a lot of surprises. Solar and thermal shocks one of the main dangers of the summer season.

Sun stroke is caused by a prolonged stay in direct sunlight with uncovered head. Symptoms of sunstroke are as follows: general weakness, lethargy, nausea, rapid pulse and breathing, dilated pupils.

With a heavier degree of sunstroke, sharp adynamia, stunnedness, uncertainty of movements, severe headache, severe vomiting, fainting, and fever to 39-40 ° C are also observed.

Also, in some cases, a sunstroke may be accompanied by a sunburn.

Such symptoms are the body's reaction to overheating and dehydration, because sweating is intensifying in the heat.Suffered from heatstroke urgently need to provide first aid.   First of all, the victim should be taken out of the overheating zone and put in the shade. Call a team of doctors.

Further it is necessary to take measures to cool the victim. moisten with cold water or make a cold compress, free from outer clothing. If the victim is unconscious, it is necessary to give him a sniff of cotton wool soaked in ammonia.

In severe cases, heatstroke can even lead to respiratory failure. Then the victim must make CPR.

If the person is conscious, you must give him to drink plenty of liquids to replenish fluid loss in the body.

Sunburn, if it is in the victim, it is necessary to lubricate with petroleum jelly or any vegetable oil.

The symptoms of heat stroke are largely similar to the symptoms of sunstroke.   However, heat stroke can happen not only in the open sun, but also simply in a hot, stuffy room, when performing heavy physical work, i.e. in conditions that promote overheating of the body.

In the case of heat stroke measures of assistance similar to the aid for sunstroke.   The injured person must ensure the influx of fresh air, release him from the outer clothing, provide cooling. On the victim's head should be put a cold compress or a hot water bottle with ice.

If the victim is conscious it is useful to give him good iced tea or salted cold water   - this will help restore the water balance in the body.

If severe headache or elevated temperature necessary to give the victim a painkiller and antipyretic agent, for example 1 to 2 tablets of dipyrone and acetylsalicylic acid.

To prevent sun and heat stroke, please remember the following.

  • going out in the sun, be sure to protect your head a hat of bright, light fabric
  • in the heat you should not wear too tight clothes that interfere with normal evaporation of sweat
  • you should not be in the sun during hours when it is particularly active, i.e. in the period from 11 to 15 hours
  • to eat in the heat should be moderate, as it is impossible to drink too much
  • tanning and sunbathing should be not earlier than 1 hour after a meal.

Particularly cautious to comply with the basic requirements for the prevention of solar and thermal shock should approach the participants of hikes, workers in the field and at construction sites - physical activity increases the risk of getting a blow.