It is believed that memory disorders occur only in the elderly, and young people remember any new information quickly and well.But stress and overstrain at work lead to the fact that problems with memory begin to appear in young people.  How to deal with memory problems?

Symptoms of memory problems

How to determine that you have started to have problems with memory? If you start talking and forget what I wanted to sayyou will almost certainly have problems with memory.  Of course, if it was once, you should not panic. However, when you regularly forget the simplest things, problems with memory and concentration of attention need to be addressed.

Causes of Memory Problems

Memory impairment in young and Mature age can be due to different reasons. The main causes of memory problems  - it's stress, sleep disorders, depression, alcohol abuse and disease. Memory disorders can also be caused by taking certain medications or by deficiency of vitamin B12.

Long-term stress depletes the human body.  All the functions of the organism deteriorate, respectively, memory, too. Therefore, with prolonged mental stress, uncomfortable working or studying conditions, memory deteriorates significantly, and work capacity decreases. Paradox: the more you try to memorize something and strain, the worse you get it.

Lack of sleep can also cause memory problems.  The fact is that it is in a dream our brain processes and assimilates the information received. If you are not sleeping well enough, the information you need is just not remembered. In addition, chronic sleep deprivation aggravates stress, resulting in distractions, irritability and causing memory problems. A similar effect has andprolonged depressive disorder.

Alcohol abuse can cause memory dips  (especially in the case of events that occurred during the direct consumption of alcoholic beverages), if you do not stop drinking on time - memory problems can be aggravated, they may be accompanied by a decrease in intelligence.Memory impairment can also be caused by certain medications  (hypnotics, painkillers, some antihistamines, antidepressants), but memory problems usually occur after the removal of the appropriate medication.

Memory disorders can lead to some somatic diseases.  Among them, we can identify problems with the thyroid gland, infectious diseases (meningitis, encephalitis), diabetes mellitus, malfunctioning of organs and systems. Problems with memory can be observed during recovery after a number of diseases - for example, as a result of a stroke.

Finally, memory problems are caused bydeficiency of vitamin B12. necessary for high-grade work of a brain.

How to deal with memory problems

For a lack of memory problems, a healthy lifestyle is very important. It is necessary to observe the correct regime of the day, sleep well, play sports. If you do not have time for a gym - it does not matter. Just walk more, especially if the weather permits.Alcohol and smoking also negatively affect human memory.  The harm of alcohol has already been mentioned above, and nicotine causes difficulties with long-term memory.

In order to get rid of memory problems, you need to eat right.  For normal work of brain cells, we need vitamins (especially A, E and B vitamins) and trace elements (iron, magnesium, zinc). For example, a fall in the level of iron in the body leads to the fact that molecules that transmit nerve impulses will not function properly, and memory will deteriorate. To prevent the lack of iron, you need to eat apples. By the way, apples also contain antioxidants that help raise the level of acetylcholine (a substance necessary for memory) and protect the brain cells from the negative effects of free radicals. Apples also help to remove cholesterol from the body. This is also very important for the prevention of memory problems, because high cholesterol leads to the formation of plaques in the blood vessels, as a result, the blood supply to the brain is impaired and memory is affected.

Also to improve memory in the diet should be presentfatty acid  (they are contained in fish, nuts, seeds, vegetable oils) andcarbohydrates.  Simple carbohydrates, which the body receives from sweets, flour products and fruits, should not be abused. They quickly assimilate and sharply raise the level of sugar in the blood, so the body begins to produce insulin to bring the amount of sugar back to normal. It turns out that the resources that the body could spend on the normal functioning of the brain are spent on maintaining the balance of insulin.Give preference to complex carbohydrates  (they are in potatoes, meat, groats, nuts, beans). The brain will receive the necessary nutrients, but the sugar level will be normal.

To avoid memory problems, let yourself and your brain rest.  Try to minimize stress and do not bring work problems into the house. Some experts even advise you to try meditation, but this is an occupation for an amateur. If you can not remember important things - use the methods of memory development. While working, do not do several things at once: when the brain receives information from different sources at the same time, it is difficult for it to process it, so many details are not remembered, and memory suffers. If memory problems are associated with taking medication or a disease, you need to eliminate the cause: stop taking medication (or reduce dosage), cure the disease.

A healthy lifestyle and attention to your health will help you avoid memory problems and remember all the necessary information.

One of the innovative developments of scientists of the Institute of Pharmacology them. Vladimir Zakusov RAMS is NOOPEPT  - a new generation of medicines, which has a unique peptide nature. NOOPEPT facilitates the restoration of memory, acting on ALL phases: initial processing of information, its generalization and extraction.

In the spectrum of activity of Noopept is also easy antianxiety and stimulant effects, which are manifested in the reduction or disappearance of anxiety, irritability, sleep disorders.

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Good day, I began to notice 23 me behind such situations when during a day having spent some important telephone conversations I simply forget half of the information and even not to the mage to remember I talked with these people or not. At me an active way of life I stand at 6.00 and go to bed 1.30 after the robot I have physical exertion almost to 11.30 it's either doing sports or active rest. Although I remember well that there was a year but a back up how many products I shipped in kilograms and at what price. Maybe it's connected with my way of life or cuckoo, another reason, how best to do in my situation?

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