Sometimes when brushing your teeth starts light bleeding. Often we do not pay attention to it, but the bleeding is a sign of gingivitis, which cannot be ignored. is one of the main causes of tooth loss in adults, so treatment and prevention is very important.

The cause of gingivitis is plaque.{!LANG-ec985e51d660713f01f719da0a7e22ad!}

Depending on the severity of the gum disease is divided into gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums moderate, it affects the gums and surrounding teeth. When periodontitis damaged tooth tissue and bone. Signs of inflammation of the gums{!LANG-acdbc98a97391ef780efd873115954ad!}

At the first signs of gingivitis you need to see your dentist.{!LANG-d2dac9cf17186e921564bacdfb893712!}

Treatment and prevention of gingivitis not boil down to some quite simple recommendations.

In the first place you should thoroughly brush your teeth at least two times a day for 3-5 minutes.{!LANG-b5405552f011574e7bc91a9e91192c06!}


The bones that make up the teeth, you need to strengthen to prevent their destruction. To strengthen bone tissue, the body needs calcium.{!LANG-7d2e2ab0c049741680ebf46f78148196!}


To fight bacteria can use hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine to rinse the mouth.{!LANG-0adb5b3ec96ff903805d1166fa862429!}

For the prevention and treatment of gum disease every day should eat vegetables and fruits – carrots, apples.{!LANG-406aa115dce08b9d0d6b509daec78913!}

A healthy lifestyle is very important to prevent gum inflammation.{!LANG-23be5eb163c753df41ebb9b1b332f247!}

Do not miss any preventive dental check-UPS{!LANG-d517ba7689d0e8bc2d1633dd7fae6081!}


I had a problem with bleeding gums. As it turned out the main reason — lack of hygiene and irregular visits to the dentist. After the doctor thoroughly cleaned of Tartar and advised good toothpaste R. O. C. S. (and different, in the morning – "Bionics", evening – "Sakura"), as well as rinses and calcium, I have more problems with bleeding did not occur. In General the main thing to watch for yourself!














Please tell me if no bleeding but there is inflammation and pain when eating and cleaning teeth what is it? clean your teeth 2 times a day, okay. Such inflammation I have seen almost every month then they themselves are. What is it?