Probably each of us in childhood was waking up from nightmares. While growing up, we think we have outgrown it, but really prone to nightmares and adults. just not to the same extent as their offspring. Are nightmares a problem, and if so, how to deal with them?

Nightmares – a vivid, dynamic story of a dream that occurs in REM sleep when the brain is especially active. Usually because of this sleep, the person wakes up with palpitations. Not to be confused with nightmares night terrors  - fears arise in the phase of deep sleep (it is also called delta sleep), they are simpler and shorter, but the body's response to them is more serious than nightmares: loud cries, heart-popping heart, trembling, increased sweating.

Causes of nightmares can be overeating before going to sleep, a reaction to medication, post-traumatic stress, depression, sleep disorders. But most often a nightmare is a kind of signal to the body about an unsolved psychological problem.  A single nightmare is not yet a cause for concern, but if they are repeated, it is worthwhile to see a doctor.

The surest way to get rid of nightmares is to establish and eliminate the cause. If guilty drugs then you should consult with your doctor about changing the dose or cancel the drug. If the cause of the nightmares is a disease – you must first cure it. Well, if there is no apparent reason – to fight the nightmares with the analysis of their internal fears.  Think about what you are afraid of in a dream? What kind of life situation is so unpleasant for you that it haunts you even at night? Once you identify a problem that bothers you in reality, and begin to fight it, then the dream will immediately become calmer. If you can not understand the problem yourself - a specialist will come to the rescue.

Sleep better will help our tips. These simple techniques serve as an excellent prevention of nightmares. It is important to observe the correct mode of the day  because an irregular sleep is harmful to the body.Particular attention should be given to the sleeping area  - The bed should be large enough, and the mattress - not too soft and not too hard.

Should not just before bedtime to watch TV  especially thrillers or horror films. It's better to listen to pleasant quiet music or take a warm bath with foam. If you live with a loved one, then mutual massage and good sex will also help to fall asleep firmly and calmly.

Very desirable before going to bed to smoke and drink strong tea or coffee nicotine and caffeine long removed from the body and affect sleep. It is better to opt for herbal teas or warm milk with honey. Will help to relax essential oils, scented candles and aromaplasty. But the smell should not be too intense, otherwise it can cause headache, which, in turn, will lead all to the same nightmares. And candles before going to sleep don't forget to extinguish.

Often nightmares is a result of lack of oxygen. To avoid this, need to sleep with an open window,  if you are afraid of a draft - then at least well ventilate the bedroom at night.

Before going to bed do not try to “steal” everyday problem for him to sleep.  Do not think about work, repair, outstanding loan debt, get rid of any negative thoughts. It is better to remember the pleasant moments of the past day and smile.

As you can see, restful sleep is quite simple. The correct way of life and attention to their own health (both physical and mental)  - a sure pledge that the phrase "nightmares" will be familiar to you only on articles on the Internet, but not on personal experience.

That way incidentally, I noticed, if at night something is worried, worried, then all the bullshit is dreaming. But the horror movies do not affect the night, even though you do not look.

i just woke up because of an unpleasant dream. he was short. I think he is connected with the fact that I'm nervous a lot, mood swings, and still the room temperature is scabby. I'm sleeping on the floor today. I'm probably afraid of the night .. 16 .. I'm afraid of the dark and suddenly on the floor still lay down and thought, as if the stuff is not a dream. thoughts are material! I'll go on the light on the corridor, I want to sleep! :-)

So, I just woke up from the nightmare. I knew about all these tips, some I use. But while I have no results, I continue to wake up at least once a week in a cold sweat under the accomponiment of my own heart. The nightmare is dreamed of 2 kinds: all the time I get to captivity , sometimes even voluntary! And I look at how other people are tormented with all sorts of tortures. Torturers are not known to me lyudey.Hotya at the moment the former dreams. There is another thing: I am engaged in everyday affairs, and nowhere comes the "inner voice" begins to create chaos with matter and light, and constantly tries to humiliate. I do not know how this all is connected with my life at all, but something tells me that it's about to me. I want to understand, otherwise I'll just fill up the ranks of "people in dressing gowns with sleeves not in size", but simply-loonies.