The bay leaf is a very popular seasoning, without which many dishes can not be avoided. But do you know that due to its useful properties it is highly valued in folk and traditional medicine? Today, the Country of Soviets will tell you abouttreatment with bay leaf.

The treatment with bay leaf is possible due to itschemical composition   - in the leaves of the laurel of the noble there are essential oils, which give it a well-known specific aroma. Also laurel leaves contain tannins, trace elements and phytoncides, which have antibacterial properties. Even in the laurel leaf there are organic acids - valerian, caproic and acetic.

The Bay leaf in medicine is valued forantimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect.   It is used to stimulate immunity and as a natural sedative. Treatment with bay leaf can also be based on its diuretic and astringent properties. The bay leaf improves appetite and digestion, and also reduces the sugar content in the blood.

For the treatment with laurel leaf usebroth of bay leaves. and also ointments, creams and soaps on its basis, possessing antibacterial properties. For example, a decoction of bay leaves can be used to cleanse the body due to the fact that it dissolves and removes excess salts. To prepare a decoction for one and a half to two glasses of water, you need to take 25-30 laurel leaves. Pour the leaves with boiling water (filtered, and preferably distilled) and insist the broth in the thermos bottle during the night. Broth of bay leaves are drunk three days in a row in small sips, at this time you need to eliminate the consumption of alcohol and meat products, better lean on vegetables. After a week, you can repeat the cleansing, and then take a break for at least six months. During pregnancy and breast-feeding, it is impossible to purify the body with bay leaf broth.

Less concentrated broth of bay leaves (1-2 tablespoons chopped leaves per 2 cups water) is used for high blood sugar, acute respiratory infections (colds, sore throats), food poisoning. To prepare the broth, pour the leaves with boiling water and boil for 15 minutes on a small fire. A ready-made broth should be filtered and drunk 15-20 minutes before eating.A decoction of Bay leaf well enhances immunity.

Treatment Bay leaf can be done with the help of ointments and Laurel oil. To cook laurel oil. chop 1 pack of leaves, pour 200 g of vegetable oil and mix. Lava oil is infused for a week. Then it can be filtered and rubbed into the skin with cuts, bruises, dislocations and stretching. Bay oil helps calm the pain. You can mix 10-15 drops of bay oil with tea or milk and drink with chronic cholecystitis 2-3 times a day. A burial of bay oil in the nose helps with a cold and sinusitis.

Ointment Bay leaf   is done as follows. Shredded leaves should be mixed thoroughly with melted butter in a proportion of 1: 2, infuse the resulting mixture in a water bath for 30 minutes and cool. The resulting ointment can be used to relieve pain with bruises, etc.

The Bay leaf in folk medicine is also used forstruggle with excessive sweating of feet and an unpleasant smell.   To do this, add an infusion of 20-40 leaves (pour the leaves with a glass of boiling water, insist 3 hours) in the foot bath. Make such a bath should be every evening for 10 minutes.

Treatment Bay leaf helps with unpleasant mouth odor   and inflammation of the gums. The bay leaves should be chewed several times a day, after that you can not eat and drink for an hour.

It is possible to apply laurel leaves withthe bee stings   - its anti-inflammatory and healing properties will come at the right time. You can use a bay leaf fordisinfection of the room. if someone is sick at home: brew bay leaf with boiling water, insist for 15 minutes, and then pour in a saucer and put in a room. The aromatic lamp with essential oil of laurel can also help. The laurel sheet, sewn into the pillow, will help with insomnia. The leaves of the laurel are good because they do not lose their useful properties when dried.

Remember that the laurel leaf hasastringent properties. Therefore, the side effect of treatment with a bay leaf can be constipation. To avoid this, the reception of the decoction of bay leaves can be combined with eating beets and prunes, neutralizing the astringent action of laurel leaves. May help reduce dosage.

Treatment with bay leaf is effective and affordable. However, in any case, do not forget to consult a doctor: no matter how effective and useful is the decoction from the laurel leaf, you should not self-medicate. The doctor will not cancel the treatment with a laurel leaf, but will help to adjust or supplement it so that you recover as soon as possible.