In cosmetic medicine it is widely used linseed oil. It was loved by the doctors and cosmetologists? {!LANG-bb0c00e246c1ffa4d1fefef547c7ad6a!}. In all this try to understand the Country of the Soviets.

Useful properties of linseed oil were known to our ancestors. In Russia flax oil was an integral part of the diet{!LANG-b6baa8bbd4466252d9ad1787f9602c8f!}

Useful properties of Flaxseed oil are retained in full if it was received by cold pressing (pressing){!LANG-f3dfa202975badfbfadca9772b4a59cf!}

Useful properties of Flaxseed oil due to its composition{!LANG-6628710afe66513af0825b1c1206e6b3!}

Flaxseed oil in medicine

The basis of the useful properties of linseed oil lies normalization of metabolic processes{!LANG-92b5e1d2c89dd702d63b7c1fe93ddb1a!}

  • the reduction of cholesterol and blood viscosity, improving elasticity of blood vessels
  • the normalization of the digestive system
  • improved immunity .

Due to the favorable impact on many organs and organ systems, the useful properties of linseed oil allow you to use it for treatment and prevention of several diseases. in particular:

  • cardiovascular disease: coronary heart disease, hypertension, myocardial infarction, stroke, atherosclerosis, blood clots
  • diseases of the digestive system: heartburn. colitis, gastritis, constipation, helminthiasis, liver disease
  • cancer: colorectal cancer, breast cancer
  • diseases of the respiratory system (lungs and bronchi)
  • diseases of the excretory organs (bladder and kidneys)
  • skin diseases, wounds, cracks, blisters, burns (applied externally)
  • erectile dysfunction in men.

Also linseed oil is used in rehabilitating weak and postoperative patients{!LANG-8e6b48a36a2e564acc66119e8185af36!}

Cosmetologists include flax oil in masks for hair and skin (especially dry and aging) — find application rejuvenating, soothing and bactericidal properties{!LANG-bf9d9ba5d1a34d1fb63c57f0950f08a1!}

Nutritionists believe that Flaxseed oil is good to use for weight loss{!LANG-36159f261743f0ef0a3984fc9da29d0f!}

The use of linseed oil

Biological value linseed oil of the highest among all edible oils. 1-2 tbsp of Flaxseed oil per day should be sufficient to meet the daily needs of the organism as fatty acids and fats, since Flaxseed oil contains more unsaturated fatty acids than all other products.

Linseed oil can be added to food (salads, vinaigrettes, cereals, sauerkraut, boiled potatoes, etc.). Best kept useful properties of Flaxseed oil has not been subjected to heat treatment, so it is better to use cold.

Flaxseed oil is sold in liquid form (for use in food and cosmetics) and capsules (for oral administration). High quality fresh flax oil is odorless, transparent and slightly yellow. If Flaxseed oil has deteriorated, it acquires viscosity, turbidity, bitter taste and the smell of linseed oil. Spoiled linseed oil in any case can not be used in food, medicinal and cosmetic purposes!{!LANG-497f20e1d8caa60f705683c4c0761b2c!}