One of the most undemanding to the conditions of detention of species of parrots is Alexandrine parrot (Kramer parrot Indian ringed parrot). About the content gerlovich parrots at home says Country Councils.

Alexandrine parrot is a very graceful and elegant bird of medium size. In length, these parrots reach 42 cm. Adult males have a beautiful bright green plumage with a bluish tint on the back of the head, and on their neck they have a broad band of pink color (necklace, which they owe their name) and a black tie. The eyes are surrounded by orange rings, and the beak is bright red. There are no necklaces for females, the color of feathers and beak is duller than that of males. Chicks have a paler color than adults, there are no necklaces and tie - they appear in males for three years, then feathers acquire a normal color.

Alexandrine parakeet is the only species of parrots, which under natural conditions can be found in two parts of the world — in Africa and in Asia. It inhabits India, southern China, East Africa (lake Chad), Israel and Egypt. Because of its prevalence and simplicity of Alexandrine parrot has become a popular pet in ancient times .

Watch necklace parrots rather quickly attached to a host, if they are quite young. But an adult parrot to tame it more difficult, sometimes even impossible. The best time to tame a parrot, up to the year, achieving a 3-4 years old Alexandrine parrot is virtually unteachable .

Buying a parrot, be prepared for the fact that he will need some time to get used to the situation. Leave the parrot alone and do not make sharp movements near the cage, so as not to frighten the bird. The first time is better not to let him out of the cage, because it will not be easy to plant the parrot back.

Just bought a Alexandrine parrot is likely to be silent — these birds are trying not to draw attention to themselves in front of strangers. But once the parrot is comfortable and gets used to you, you will see (or rather hear) that he rather loud and sharp voice. Fortunately, it is easy to disaccustom it.

Parrots Kramer is very intelligent and curious birds. Plus this wit is that they can be taught to speak. True, their vocabulary is usually small, and training can be used for a long time, but it is quite possible to teach a parrot to say 10-15 simple phrases. In addition, the burnt parrot well imitates various sounds. Note that you will have to deal with the parrot yourself - they react badly to the tape recorder.

But there is in parrot intelligence and negative point. Parrot Kramer can easily master the mechanism of opening the cage and go for a walk without your knowledge. While walking Alexandrine parrot can chew everything that gets in his eyes. so the consequences of such an "unauthorized" for your apartment may not be particularly enjoyable.

Alexandrine parrot is extremely undemanding to food. prefers grains, fruits and vegetables. Grain feed for parrot Kramer may consist of millet (4 pieces), oats (2 parts), wheat (2 parts), Canary seed (part 1) and sunflower seed (part 1). It is important that the parrot ate all the seeds, not pick and choose favorites. Typically, the daily feed amount (1-2 tablespoons) are in the morning for the whole day. In addition, the parrot can give fruits, vegetables, greens (lettuce, dandelions), wheat germ, and nuts in moderation.

If you decide to purchase ozherelkova parrot, it is best to apply to a specialized nursery  - so you can be sure that you will get a knowingly manual and healthy bird. You can not buy parrots "from hand" - most likely, such a parrot will refuse a wild bird, smuggled into the country.

I love necklaces because it is the only parrot able to survive in the northern European climate.
I live in Amsterdam, I have Ryan flies a gang of about eight ozherelem. Mainly the fact that derbanit dried fruit, the burghers from the balconies, and seek out evergreen trees to hide and interact among themselves in a loud voice.
a week ago it was freezing cold with Blizzard I thought the poor bird was extinct. No, today is warmer-flew as if nothing had happened.
If they survive until spring, they will probably multiply in the park, there will be a flock.

We have a parrot for the second year, but we can not tame it. I got a couple of words, but I do not go for it. All the time he jokes and growls. Even his wife, who pays him a lot of time and care. What to do, how to cajole him.

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