Inhalation is one of the oldest and most common treatments for the common cold. But done wrong inhalation can cause problems and complications. The land of the Soviets tell how to do inhalation.

Essence inhalation is inhalation of various medicinal substances or water vapor  for the treatment of respiratory diseases (rhinitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, asthma, etc.). This method of treatment is not new: even our grandmothers treated our parents so, forcing them to breathe steam over the pot with boiled potatoes. Cheap and angry.

Inhalations are the two main types. water inhalation and direct inhalation of medicinal substances. Our "favorite" pot with potatoes is an example of water inhalation. In water, the medicinal substances are dissolved and the vapor released during heating or natural evaporation of water is inhaled. There are wet water inhalations (without heating the solution) heat and heat (with heating) and steam. You can do inhalation with normal, mineral or sea water.

Also used for inhalation vapor or aerosol drugs. If you do the inhalation correctly, the substances get on the mucous membrane and are quickly absorbed into the blood, without getting into the stomach. Thanks to this, the drugs act quickly, improving their well-being and facilitating the escape of mucus and sputum.

Despite the fact that this kind of therapy sounds very simple and absolutely harmless to do inhalation to the mind: they have their contraindications. just like any type of treatment. Inhalations can not be done at elevated temperature, a tendency to bleeding from the nose, heart and lung diseases, heart failure. Therefore, before you do inhalation, consult your therapist.

In addition to therapeutic inhalation are the so-called prevention of inhalation they help to prevent viral diseases. For the prevention of acute respiratory infections can be spread out in the room of finely chopped garlic or onion or put some open bottles with essential oils of Basil or eucalyptus.

How to do inhalation? Rules

If you follow certain rules. inhalation will be really useful and effective. It is best to do inhalations in an hour and a half after eating. During inhalation, you need to focus on treatment and not be distracted.

Medicinal substances need to inhale and exhale correctly. So, in the treatment of the common cold, sniffing, with the treatment of the lungs, bronchi or pharynx - through the mouth. Clothes should be free in the neck and do not constrain your throat - otherwise you will be hard to breathe.

Instead of "grandma's casserole" you can use a special compressor or ultrasonic inhalers (you can buy them at the pharmacy). They transform the liquid into steam and is pretty easy to use. You can often find the name of compressor inhaler how "compressor nebulizer"  - this is the same device.

Before the inhalations, be sure to check what the medicinal substances are composition solution for inhalation. If you have an Allergy to one of the components — inhalation can not be done. Be careful with dosage substances. For example, if you during inhalation overdo it with essential oils can only become worse.

Is it possible to do inhalations for little kids?  Yes, except for inhalations with boiling water - a small child can get an airway burn. Older children can already do such inhalations, but remember - the younger a child, the greater the distance from boiling water with medicinal substances, and the shorter the inhalation should be. One or two minutes is enough.

And most importantly - if after inhalation the state of health has not improved, and you even got worse,be sure to consult your doctor. Be healthy!