If you believe the calendar, spring has already arrived. But the mood of the majority does not spring: constantly sleepy, the efficiency tends to zero, the more it began to ache. How to overcome spring fatigue?

It would seem that all life awakens in the spring, blooms, begins to live a full life. Why do we in the first spring days accompanied by malaise and depression? Spring fatigue is a consequence of the restructuring biorhythms of our body{!LANG-bb3fbbc3ec29e3d95d58d8e4ffc76faf!}

{!LANG-e05216b5d68133ed1045a1ede212b7c5!}in our diet is insufficient of vitamins{!LANG-d894e001fc6e84a68fc2e66aedd41aa6!}

How to beat spring fatigue? First, you need to clearly define what is happening to you{!LANG-dbedacf2566c52eed358d054bf03965b!}

The first tip for those who want to cope with the spring fatigue, simple but effective: "Start a healthy lifestyle." Corny? Maybe, but this advice is taken "not from the ceiling." Many health problems, including spring breakdown — a consequence of our bad habits{!LANG-7436626c28528eb5244e8581a9dbd181!}

Not to aggravate spring breakdown Stakhanov pace of work. Whether a successful career is ruined health? Clearly divide work and leisure, by all means try to avoid fatigue in this time of year it is particularly dangerous. And the rest sitting at the computer or TV won't bring any benefit — it is better instead to get out into nature.

In the spring it is very important to get enough sleep, so don't stay too late, if you know that tomorrow you at work{!LANG-f62df54adc065c52f16d741aeaf3a302!}

Your indispensable assistant in the fight against fatigue is moderate exercise{!LANG-ed8b259f0b41e421eac4be3e0707ce7e!}

Three pledge of good mood and well-being is the light, color and air. Not zaporozhyevites curtains from the sunlight, now you need it ever. At least half an hour a day (preferably more) are in the fresh air, preferably away from cars and other pollution sources. Regularly ventilate the room in which are. Add to your life more bright colors: bright new clothes, bright fruit in a vase on the bedside table.

Oh and don't forget about {!LANG-f94a82df326a8a5763af85d8ac0c8636!}{!LANG-8a6a8eacef98e7dcfca9f23ae25a8983!}

Spring fatigue is not inevitable. A healthy lifestyle and a good mood{!LANG-db91460c6e2bf8d00bef3c35d199d204!}