Some owners see the puppies as toys: soft, fluffy and harmless. But then they are very surprised that during play the toy they were bitten. This is typically followed by a punishment that proved to be totally ineffective: the puppy continues to bite. So what should you do if your puppy bites?

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But when the puppy at a tender age are taken from their brothers and sisters, he is left with no choice but to play the same games with the owner. That's just the skin of the host is more tender than the skin of the puppies and the kid still can't control the bite force, so during the games, causes the host pain. So if the puppy bites — not worth it to punish, he can not bite. You need to show him that he is hurting you{!LANG-09719f2d5865ce87dd6159562c064798!}

Watch playing with puppies: occasionally they squealed if the playmate bit too painful. This signals the puppy that you have to be careful. If your puppy bites, try to publish the same sound and pinch it{!LANG-9e1bea0631f4ecc128a1661b5029d27e!}

When the puppy bites, some owners push him, scream, beat, or begin to tease. But this only encourages the puppy to bite on: he perceives such actions as part of the game. It turns out that you are encouraging your puppy to bite you{!LANG-e6702c396e0f0ed1801ea75fc245791e!}

If this method proves ineffective, you can try call the puppy negative reinforcement to the bites{!LANG-105a15b8d3fedf207c42cee36a456072!}

You can try to make it so that the pain did not come from you, and to {!LANG-e10fd0bb67e955c9715e2b42a0b8894b!}{!LANG-e8e83ad986002c61fd78afecfeffa4ad!}

All of these tips relate only to puppies aged 2-5 months and are suitable for primary puppy training. If your pet is older than 6 months, if the puppy bites, not only during games, but without any reason (sometimes even attacking from ambush) then the biting is aggression and attempts to dominate{!LANG-89cad684d64062336b99fb3c2f76787d!}

To show that you are the pack leader. it is necessary not to allow the puppy to sleep on your bed, the first to climb the stairs and enter the stairwell/apartment. Teach your puppy to give you the road. Feed the dog should be the last, when the whole family eats. Let the dog understand that food (game, walking), it must first be earned: first execute the command and then receive his reward (his food bowl, toy).

When the puppy bites, it is important to observe the Golden mean{!LANG-42e3bf2c75677c6de9b25f3aa456d5b8!}


I also have a German shepherd of 2 months boy. I have it more or less obedient. He knows the command ” come.” “give paw” “fu”


Thanks for the advice!I have German for 1 month.I'm afraid to touch yet.Let up to 2 months.pokazalsya.And then the training begins.