For anybody not a secret that hypertension is one of the most widespread diseases of our century. This fee mankind for the crazy pace of life, endless stress, physical and mental stress, craze fast fudami, poor quality food and drinks. The land of the Soviets tell you how to recognize the symptoms of high pressure, causes of hypertension, what to do at high pressure. how to help yourself through simple and effective methods.

Arterial hypertension is a disease in which blood pressure is steadily increased. This is due to the narrowing of the vessels that react spasm to physical stress, weather change, strong emotions, stress. If the high pressure is kept constantly, then this inevitably has a destructive effect on the blood vessels.

At the very beginning of the disease, the symptoms of hypertension are very similar to normal fatigue. Sometimes dizziness, headache, memory impairment may occur. These symptoms disappear after rest or sleep. A person lives for years without paying attention to such changes in his body. But over time, the symptoms of hypertension are getting stronger and stronger: there is redness of the face, noise in the ears, flies before the eyes, edemas on the face in the mornings.

To develop hypertension can almost any person, but the most susceptible to a person with overweight, with a genetic predisposition to this disease, as well as people who are in constant nervous tension.

Today, the image of a typical hypertensive patient has grown significantly younger, in contrast to the representative of this disease in the last century. Approximately 35% of the able-bodied population suffer from hypertension. Therefore, the role of prevention and a healthy lifestyle is very important. And even if signs of high blood pressure appear only occasionally, then know what to do under high pressure and take action better now.

What actions to take under high pressure

First of all, in no case under high pressure can not be self-prescribed drug treatment. This should be done only by a doctor. But, if you approach complex treatment, then you can also help yourself.

Start exercise  - they should bring pleasure. Walk daily in the open air. Do not sit endlessly in front of a television or computer.

Discard extra pounds. Full people always risk getting hypertension three times more often than people with normal weight. The reason is just that the excess weight leads to an increase in the volume of blood, and hence, to an overload of the heart. As a result, high blood pressure.

Reduce in your diet the consumption of salt. Salt retains fluid in the body, and holds a high pressure.

Change your usual food. reduce the consumption of fatty foods, sugar, smoked products, coffee; refuse snacks and fast food. (The experiments showed that after two weeks of fast food, even in healthy people, high blood pressure was noted and body weight increased significantly). Eat more fish, cabbage, bananas, raisins, garlic.

If you stop Smoking. you will reduce the potential risk of hypertensive crisis. Also do not abuse alcohol. The causes of hypertension, to a greater extent, are due to bad habits.

Let your heart love!  Do not take everything to heart. Avoid conflicts and treat them philosophically. Rejoice in any little things, keep with you always a benevolent mood. Read good classic books, find a lesson for yourself, a hobby from which you will enjoy. Positive emotions relieve muscle tension, which, in turn, contributes to the normalization of blood pressure

Holistically with medication, you can try hypertension treatment folk remedies :

  • eat salads with raw carrots for two months
  • take a tablespoon of honey three times a day for two months (you can use honey with milk)
  • drink the dill infusion (2 tsp. crushed fennel seeds pour 2 tbsp. boiling water, 10 min. to drain). Drink the infusion should be for two days. You can grind the seeds and eat them 1 teaspoon 3 times a day, squeezed small amounts of water
  • the Aronia berry can help to reduce the pressure when consumed 100 g three times a day half an hour before meals
  • very useful berries of black currant and raspberry, and pomegranate seeds
  • in the season of ripening eat more strawberries and tomatoes.

There is one unusual recipe for lowering high blood pressure. It is necessary to apply it carefully, because it can dramatically lower the pressure: moisten a folded cotton napkin or towel 6% apple cider vinegar, spread on the floor, laying under it polyethylene, put her on his heels. After 10 minutes, check your blood pressure, if everything is OK - stop the procedure, or, if necessary, repeat again.

Prevention and treatment of hypertension is primarily taking care of your health. You must get used to a lifestyle where there is a healthy diet, light physical activity, movement, positive emotions and joy. And, most importantly, you now know what are the symptoms of hypertension, its causes, and what measures to take under high pressure.

Great article. Simple to use and practical, especially about what we need to let love in your heart. I'm sure that the ability to forgive gives the person many perspectives on healthy relationships, a great influence, even to the offenders, as well as health and appearance and in the inner world. Conversely, seen those for a long time could not forgive, they went gloomy, painful, and looked older than his years. Respectively, and had problems with high blood pressure. Of course, not all people have the pressure, but the factor of forgiveness has profound implications.

The proposed methods are very good, but in my arsenal there is a faster and more efficient device. He normalizes the pressure literally in 15-20 minutes.

The proposed methods are very good, but in my arsenal there is a faster and more efficient device. He normalizes the pressure literally in 15-20 minutes.

If not a secret, what kind of device.