Scientists claim that basic information about the world we receive through the organs of vision. The eyes are under extreme pressure not only during execution of professional duties, and in his spare time. The Soviets will take care of you and tell how to do exercises for the eyes. to protect yourself from many ophthalmic diseases.

In our technological XXI century the problem of preservation of vision became very actual. After all, when the computer is used for a long time, the visual-brain apparatus experiences the maximum load. Because of this, reddening and tearing of the eyes, headaches and general deterioration of well-being. Characteristic signs of a long time in front of a computer monitor is also the sensation of a foreign body in the eyes (the feeling of sand under the eyelids), the image is doubled or blurred, photophobia is observed.

Studies of physicians indicate a decrease in efficiency up to 90% with eye strain, which affects the physical and mental state.

Despite the poor state of health, many ignore their condition, and continue to sit at the computer, thereby worsening their eyesight, earning osteochondrosis, hemorrhoids, hypertension and obesity.

How to protect yourself from computer diseases? How to make sure that your eyes do not get tired, but your thoughts clear and clear? How to keep your vision while working at the computer? For thisyou should regularly do exercises for the eyes.

It will not be superfluous to remind you that the distance from the eyes to the computer monitor should normally be at least 50-70 cm, depending on the diagonal size of the monitor. The screen should not have glare from the light. Your monitor should stand just below the conventional horizontal line, which is at the level of your eyes. Do not work at a computer in a dark room.

Effective exercises for eyes

Moving sight

This exercise relieves the eye of compulsion to look at one point without blinking. It attracts both its simple and effective. You can do it anywhere - in the workplace and in the store, while shopping:

  • without straining your eyes, move your eyes from object to object. Visually explore the room, moving around in a chaotic trajectory. Jump over the eyes distant objects are nearby. For example, standing at the window, look at the crow sitting on the roof of a neighboring house. Then, without changing the position of the head, focus the view on your window glass
  • rotate your eyes clockwise and Vice versa
  • look left-right, up-down, diagonal up and down
  • try to describe the eyes of such figures as eight (vertical and horizontal), spiral, zigzag, etc. (see diagram left)

Each exercise is done 6-8 times.

If suddenly your director will notice how impersonally you look at the ravens on the neighboring roof or unusually bulge your eyes, then you should open a secret to him for charging the eyes, otherwise you will have to pay a job.

In the normal relaxed state, the eyes blink about every 3 seconds. Strained and tired eyes tend to look at one spot, they are almost not moving and rarely blinking. The result — dryness of the eyeball and the lack of shallow breathing. To help yourself with this problem in a simple blink.

Exercise for blinking should be easy, free and smooth, like the flapping wings of a butterfly. As soon as you feel discomfort in the eyes, blinked for a while and breathe deeply.

I have confidence that as you begin to read this paragraph, you will immediately start to yawn. Yawning is a reflex respiratory act which allows you to refresh the air in your lungs, to relieve fatigue and mental stress. and also cool the temperature of the brain. Why yawning is contagious - scientists are still arguing about this. Some of them suggest that this herd phenomenon once served as a signal for sleep. According to another theory - the imitative property of yawning is related to the ability of a person to empathize with his "fellow tribesmen".

When yawning, the maxillofacial muscles become strained, and they exert an effect on the eyesight. Also, when yawning, tears are reflected reflectively, which is very beneficial for moistening the cornea of ​​the eye. Yield more often!

The term "palming" in English means "palm". This simple exercise for the eyes should be done after every hard work hour at the computer. It is also applicable during lengthy meetings, conferences, seminars, etc. When you feel lethargy, irritation, fatigue or absent-mindedness.

  • sit up straight, do not slouch, do not strain, relax your shoulders
  • vigorously RUB your palms until hot sensations
  • put your elbows on the table
  • close your eyes and attach them to the palm of your hand, folded crosswise. The pads of the palms should not press on the eyeballs.

During this exercise, and keep breathing. and focus on the eyes. To enhance the effect, you can imagine a sandy beach, affectionate sea waves or a bright green forest glade.

At the end of the exercise, blink briefly.

Light baths (Solarize)

It makes no sense to go into details about how important for man natural daylight. It depends on the state of the human immune system, and the activity of metabolism.

Take light baths preferably during a working lunch break, if there is no other possibility and time.

This exercise is done this way. Face the sun and close your eyes. Quietly and slowly turn your head to the right and left, alternately substituting your face under the sun's rays. The duration of sunbathing is up to you, but this exercise should be done for at least 5 minutes.

  Daily tense conditions, stresses, overfatigue cause spasms and strong tension of the muscles of the eyes, neck, and face. The contraction of muscles entails a lack of oxygen supply to the brain - hence the headaches and poor health.

Massage is one of the universal methods of stress relief as from the entire body and eyes. To perform eye massage should be done with your eyes closed. These exercises will help to bring the body to tone and improve blood circulation.

  • perform light effleurage with fingertips all over the head, neck, and eyelids
  • make a stroking motion from the brow to the scalp, from the middle of the forehead to the temples. Then spiral movements, massage your cheeks from the chin to earlobes
  • massage in with circular movements of the head from top to nape and from crown to temples, slightly pulling the skin. His head, do intermittent pressure across the surface
  • make a circular massage of the temples with your index fingers for 6 breaths
  • several times press your thumb and forefinger at the point at the bridge of the nose near the inner corners of the eyes
  • circular movements with light pressure massage with the upper edge of the orbit towards the edge of the eyebrow
  • ask your colleagues or relatives to give you a small shoulder massage, starting from the cervical spine. By the way, this massage quickly removes the stressful state.

These simple toning exercises for the eyes should be inherent in the mode of your working day. Perform at least some of them, and your eyes will not get tired and your health will be excellent, the attention concentrated. and incredible mental abilities will please your superiors. And it will be even better if you do the exercises for the eyes with the whole team.