Surely you know the peaceful feeling when you take your hands on their cat. Occurs an unusual burst of tenderness, love and emotional relaxation. Your pet with devotion looks you in the eye, makes a quiet rumbling, trampling feet knees. And all of your problems, bad thoughts, bad feeling and bad mood fade into the background. How cats treat people?

Is it all due to your pet? What happens when you communicate so closely with your furry friend?

First. you feel yourself, you do not need to pretend to be a deputy of the city council, you do not risk running into rudeness and rudeness, you will not be thrown in trouble.

Second. you clearly feel sincere love and unselfish devotion, which sometimes we do not have enough. You are loved as your best friend, regardless of your age, beauty and mental state.

Third. you are distracted from troublesome bustle and daily worries, which relaxes your precious nervous system for at least a few minutes, and you just have a good mood.

Since ancient times cats were worshipped and worshipped them. These graceful animals were attributed to supernatural powers. For example, many cases are known when cats found their owners, having passed many kilometers distance. Scientists have also proved the telepathic abilities of these elegant animals. Cats very thinly feel the mood of the master, catch thoughts and even have such a gift as foresight.

But one of the most mysterious ability of cats is healing. Many owners of cat therapists know that these animals can accurately determine the sore spot in humans and. cure it.

Cats lie on the affected area, massaged his paws and claws, warm, rubbing, spinning, hum and make many unknown simple man of action. They have their presence create around themselves a favorable energy background. which can save a sick person from depression, insomnia, hypertension, arthritis and even a heart attack. Cats treat gynecological diseases and respiratory system diseases.

There are scientific research data that the cat's biofield positively influences the human nervous system, promotes rapid healing of wounds, relieves headaches and treats internal inflammations. Often, stroke your cat, tk. on the palms of the hands there are projections of the points of the important organs of the body. The cat's energy comes through the palms and stimulates the human organs to work in the right mode.

Scientists found that in cats, the fine and soft wool produced by the current of low frequency, which affects the improvement of blood circulation in humans, and rapid tissue healing. There is also scientific evidence that cat purring sound similar to ultratree. It strengthens the bones by 20% and stabilizes the heart rhythm. Even a few mental illnesses are treated with a rumbling cat.

How do cats feel your sore spot? Some biologists think the cats, it is important to systematically obtain a charge of negative energy. You do notice that our furry friends are often sitting on TVs, computers, washing machines and other appliances that emit negative electromagnetic oscillations. That diseased organs also begin to emit the same negative energy. Cats that feel good and are rushing to your aid. But in any case, you can't force a cat to treat you, if she does not want.

Perhaps you have a question — do all cats can become household doctors, all cats are treated? Scientists argue that the therapeutic effect has every loving his master, animal. Of course, the cat must be healthy and friendly. And curiously, in cats there is a kind of division of specialization depending on the breed, coat length, color, sex.

Found that it was a cat, not cats, have a more productive therapeutic effect. Long-haired cats help to cure depression and many nervous diseases, while short-haired cats specialize in diseases of the cardiovascular system, and these cats treat diseases of the kidneys and stomach.

As for breeds, Siamese cats treat only the owner, and take the negative energy in large portions for a small amount of time. Angora cat deals with the treatment of long hours sitting with the owner. Siberian and Persian cats treat slowly enough, they are inactive, negative energy takes away from the owner in small quantities. Sphinx   is considered the most talented physician among his relatives.

Black cats relieve their hosts of negative energy, and whites - on the contrary, fuel the energy of the weakened people. Gray - can both. Red "doctors" charge their hosts with positive energy.

Also, experts say that for the treatment of certain diseases there are certain times. For example, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract of a cat are treated from 5 to 7 am, but for the treatment of pulmonary diseases, call the cat from 3 to 5 am. Overwork is removed in the evening.

It should be noted that daily communication with your furry four-legged friend helps a person to feel that he is not alone in this world that is the living creature that devoted and never betray. but which also needs care and communication, just like you.

When the heart of a puff -

shoveling into the hands of a cat,

and sometimes, though it's nonsense,

with him I start a conversation. (Irina Ghirlyanova)