Swelling under the eyes is a common occurrence. Usually the cause of such trouble on her face is the excessive accumulation of fluid in the body. It happens because of wrong diet or the result of any disease of internal organs (kidney, heart, stomach, nervous system, etc.). How can that be in this case we just need to look good and bags under the eyes have to ruin everything? How to remove puffiness under the eyes? The country Councils are always on time in a hurry with the Council.



As a rule, swelling under the eyes can be due to large amounts of fluid that you use at night. And especially the bags under the eyes will be on the spot after drinking at night spirits.

One hundred percent impact on the appearance of puffiness under the eyes gives salty, spicy and fatty foods{!LANG-1d6220784369a57649dc7ec620c3f0e9!}

Get rid of the habit crying at night{!LANG-07c957a3b0722b1b2a675e25f8657ac1!}

Another cause of bags under the eyes can be Allergy to cosmetic{!LANG-7d54fea5f74840617efaaa5869f0292c!}

In order to get rid of the constant swelling under the eyes, start eating right{!LANG-349c3297528b5f519807c866cc9d5471!}

Swelling under the eyes can arise from the lack of fresh air, sedentary lifestyle, overwork and lack of sleep{!LANG-76361948e18bab63be528112cb192d06!}

But it was tips to prevent puffiness under the eyes. What do you do if you woke up with terrible bags under his eyes, and you have a couple of hours an important business meeting? In this case come to the aid of folk remedies.








Milk. Soaked in cold milk on a cotton pad hold it on the eyelids for about 10 minutes. After this, rinse your face with cold water and beat with fingertips around the eyes nourishing cream.


Be beautiful and healthy!