Many people wonder why when walking or driving snap joints of the feet or hands. Should I be concerned that to give it crunch undue importance and to go on consultation to the doctor?

One of the reasons why the cracking of joints in young people excessive joint mobility. Mostly young women are prone to this condition. Doctors comment on such a crunch in the joints as an excessive elaboration of the slightly altered structure of the protein of connective tissues. Because of this, the joint lends itself a little more to stretching than usual.

Do not stretch the joint, and the ligaments which hold it. In common parlance this phenomenon is called "weak ligaments   ". That's it these ligaments are the reason why the joints are clicked. In addition, weak ligaments lead to the fact that the adjacent vessels very quickly stretch under the pressure of blood, and women develop a disease such as varicose veins. Ugly varicose snakes can appear as early as 25 years.

If you are genetically predisposed to this disease, you can only recommend choosing a job where your joints will not be subjected to unnecessary strain, and you can stay in the same position for a long time.

Very often, the clicks appear in the joints in athletes. After the start intense exercise, the joints become not only crisp, but also hurt. Here the cause may be a trauma, but is most likely a sprain. To avoid crunch in the future it is recommended to unload the joint and give it a rest. Also very good help special devices that reduce the mobility of the joint. After a while, the joint will not click and stop bothering.

But the main reason why the cracking of joints is the development of osteoarthritis. which is often referred to simply as arthritis. The risk of arthrosis increases with age, and its first symptoms are found in people after 30-40 years.

Crunch in the joints. to which hardly anyone pays attention to is the first sign of the development of arthrosis. It develops quite a long time and for years destroys articular cartilage. What exactly happens when the joints are clicked?

The bones that comprise the joints are covered with cartilage. Their surface is smooth, and joint fluid that covers the cartilage, works as a lubricant. For injuries of the joints, the cartilage begins to crack and crumble from years of joint fluid loses its moisture. The crunch we hear when flexion of the joints, and there is friction of the cartilage against each other. Since cartilage is devoid of nerve endings, we do not feel pain. But the fact that click not the cartilage. and bones. are they covered. When the cartilage is already sufficiently worn and the bone is bare, it is the bony nerve endings that make themselves felt.

To prevent the clicking of the joints. protect them from injury and from time to time take various drugs that restore work and the original appearance of the articular cartilage. Such drugs are called chondroprotectors, and their composition is chondroitin and glucosamine or collagen. In the cold season you can take a warm, almost hot, salt bath. For these baths should choose organic complexes containing salts of trace elements and extracts of anti-inflammatory herbs such as sage, chamomile or pine.

Also to prevent the development of osteoarthritiswe recommend the use of vasodilating drugs. With the expansion of the vessels to the joints, the influx of blood and oxygen increases, which contributes to their rapid healing and recovery of motor functions.

You should take care of their joints from an early age. A lot of young people in childhood acquire the habit to stretch the joints so that you can hear them crunch. Cracking your joints, though not harmful, but not helpful — it is unique. In this case there is a rapid wear of articular cartilage and interarticular fluid. which leads to early development of arthrosis and decreased mobility of the joint.