Pumpkin is a unique dietary product, which should definitely include in your diet. In pursuit of slender figure women have tried many different diets. But many agree that pumpkin diet gives excellent results. The land of the Soviets tell you more about this diet.

Pumpkin is very useful. It contains a large number of different vitamins and minerals. Various useful properties of pumpkin has made her not only a favorite fruit of many people, but also a great product for the prevention of various diseases. But most of all a pumpkin like for its dietary properties. The fact that this fruit contains a very rare vitamin T, which is responsible for good digestion of any fatty foods. Also, this vitamin helps to accelerate metabolism in the body. So pumpkin diet is recognized by nutritionists around the world are very effective.

Pumpkin diet lasts for 12 days. During this time, You can lose up to 8 kg. After the end of any diet, many are faced with the fact that the weight is typed in again. As pumpkin activates the metabolism and does not allow the fat derived from food is deposited in the cells of the body, You will not gain weight dropped.

Adhering to pumpkin diet, You'll need to strictly monitor their diet. It is best to set the time when You will have Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Note that you can not eat after six PM. Also be advised to prepare pumpkin dishes in advance. Thus You will have less temptation to eat anything else. Another from your diet to exclude candy and soda. During the day you can drink tea without sugar or mineral water.

Painted pumpkin diet for 4 days. Every day You have to eat different meals. At the end of the fourth day again start with the first one. Recipes of pumpkin for weight loss is quite simple. To cook with these recipes is easy. And because the diet changes every day, You will not tire of the monotony of products. Write out more of the menu each day for the pumpkin diet.

The first day

  • Breakfast. salad and porridge. To prepare the pumpkin salad use grated carrots and pumpkin flesh. To fill the salad is lemon juice with olive oil. To prepare the porridge simmer pumpkin flesh in half an hour in the water. Then add two tablespoons of any cereal (rice, oatmeal or millet). Now on low heat soak the porridge in half an hour.
  • Lunch. the soup and salad. Prepare a delicious vegetable soup from the pulp of the pumpkin, bell pepper, carrots. You can add potatoes. Also in the soup can add tomato. For a lunch salad you can grate the pumpkin and Apple. You can fill this salad low-fat yogurt and lemon juice.
  • Dinner: stewed pumpkin.

Day two

  • Breakfast. pumpkin porridge and salad.
  • Lunch. soup or vegetable soup. The second can prepare pumpkin chops. To do this, cut the pumpkin into small pieces and fry them in a batter of eggs and flour.
  • Dinner. kiln apples.

Day three

  • Breakfast. porridge and salad.
  • Lunch. pumpkin soup. This day can eat a little lean meat, so cook soup with meatballs.
  • Dinner. salad with pineapple and pumpkin. This salad can add croutons of white bread. Just cook them yourself and in any case, do not use store-bought croutons.

Day four

  • Breakfast. salad and porridge.
  • Lunch. vegetable soup or vegetable soup. The second dish I cooked braised or roasted peppers.
  • Dinner. stew of vegetables. For cooking stews can use pumpkin, carrots, beans, mushrooms, zucchini, onion and tomato. It's like a stew should eat without bread.

Pumpkin diet not only will allow You to lose weight, but also cleanse the body of toxins. In the future the dumped weight can come back just in case, if we again begin to eat correctly. Be careful with starchy and sugary foods. Replace sweets and cakes with honey. You should also add into your diet to low-fat cottage cheese. And don't forget the pumpkin should never completely eliminate from your diet.

I hope that this pumpkin diet will help You to get rid of problems with excess weight and improve Your overall health.