During the run involved almost all the muscles of the body and burned a large amount of subcutaneous fat. That is why many women want to run in the mornings or evenings. Jogging will help to maintain a slim figure and bring the body in tone. If You decide to do this sport You should know how to learn to run.

First you need to decide when You want to run{!LANG-1ab93c73a444e203dc404a987c442371!}

Clothing for running should not be too warm, otherwise You will be hot{!LANG-5c6e5b9813fb8ae204477cf14c11e04b!}

Now it's time to talk about food{!LANG-0be33e4900505e3bf3b653e825ea3755!}

To choose his Jogging parks. If in Your city there is a lake, can run around it. Running in parks on nature is ideal, because there is clean air and not a lot of people.

We now proceed directly to the question of how to learn to run in the mornings or evenings. First, you need to perform warm-up whole body{!LANG-979fe91c9ccaaa7d3e8079b135a0379a!}

For beginning runners who do not know how to run. it is important to follow a regular Jogging{!LANG-e53d1752f27046904d49bfbb73a1c6b2!}

While running, be sure to follow the condition of his body. When the pain in your side or shortness of breath need to give your body a rest. After all, running is stress, and any discomfort is a disturbance of Your body to too much load. Do not try to run very fast. Opt for a feasible pace. Also it is not necessary in the first days of their training running up a hill. Of course, this is good strength training, but not this stage.