During the run involved almost all the muscles of the body and burned a large amount of subcutaneous fat. That is why many women want to run in the mornings or evenings. Jogging will help to maintain a slim figure and bring the body in tone. If You decide to do this sport You should know how to learn to run.

First you need to decide when You want to run. Lark people can easily get up early in the morning and go out for a morning run. For others, jogging is more suitable in the evening. Do not immediately after work change into a tracksuit and run. Give the body a little rest. And then you can go for a run.

Clothing for running should not be too warm, otherwise You will be hot. Therefore, even in the cold season, you should not dress very warmly. Choose only cotton clothes: it perfectly passes air to the body and will not allow you to overheat. Also worth noting that the choice of shoes should be approached seriously. Buy sneakers of famous companies that specialize in sewing shoes for athletes. Sneakers such companies are specially designed for running and correctly stabilize the foot while driving. Many beginners run traumas because of poor-quality footwear.

Now it's time to talk about food. Before you start running in the morning or in the evenings, doctors recommend eating an apple or a handful of raisins. This will help you maintain the level of sugar in the body and avoid an easy indisposition after exercise. Also it must be taken into account that wishing to lose weight for 40-60 minutes before jogging should eat a plate of muesli or a couple of bananas. These products will provide your body with carbohydrates, without which fat burning is simply impossible. If you have very little time, then for 5-10 minutes before jogging you can drink fruit juice. If you can not eat while running, then you must drink. The best option is mineral water. After jogging, you can eat a little. And those who want to lose weight should pay attention to skimmed yogurt or yogurt, milk, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese and chicken.

To choose his Jogging parks. If in Your city there is a lake, can run around it. Running in parks on nature is ideal, because there is clean air and not a lot of people.

We now proceed directly to the question of how to learn to run in the mornings or evenings. First, you need to perform warm-up whole body. Start with a circular rotation with your hands in different directions. Then make a few lateral slopes and circular movements with the pelvis. Since the main load will be on their feet, they should pay special attention. Make a few attacks of the spindles, aside and squats. Also it is necessary to make low jumps on socks. Choose exercises for warm-up, which will prepare you for the run as much as possible. Now you can proceed directly to the run.

For beginning runners who do not know how to run. it is important to follow a regular Jogging. Do not overload your body from the first days, so alternate 30 seconds of walking and 30 seconds of running. Gradually, the time of alternation can be increased. After a while you will already run for a long time. The first training should not be done too long: 15-20 minutes will be enough. Gradually increase the time to 30-40 minutes. For people who can spend a lot of time jogging, the running time can be up to 1 hour.

While running, be sure to follow the condition of his body. When the pain in your side or shortness of breath need to give your body a rest. After all, running is stress, and any discomfort is a disturbance of Your body to too much load. Do not try to run very fast. Opt for a feasible pace. Also it is not necessary in the first days of their training running up a hill. Of course, this is good strength training, but not this stage.

Also it is necessary to talk separately about breathing. People who do not know how to learn to run in the mornings and evenings, it is worth recalling that during the run, breathing should be smooth. Forget what we were taught in the physical education classes: to breathe while running through your nose. The fact is that during any physical exercise the body needs much more oxygen than in a calm state. You simply will not be able to inhale enough air through your nose. Therefore, you can breathe through your mouth. But keep in mind that breathing should be even. The exhalation should be as long as the inhalation.

Following these recommendations, you can easily start the morning runs that will not lead you to exhaustion, because now you know how to learn how to run.