No creature can live without food. Food gives us the energy necessary for the functioning of all organs of life. But at the moment there are various products which negatively affect our health. Everyone should know what harmful food there are, and try to minimize the amount of their consumption.

The cause of many illnesses lies in the fact that we don't eat the most healthy food. On the shelves you can see the sale of various harmful foods. But they are so delicious. A certain meal has become so important in the daily diet that many people simply do not think their life without it. Let's describe in detail what products are harmful to health.

Sweets. Dietitians around the world have warned us for a long time that eating too much sweet not only leads to obesity. These harmful products for the figure also lead to the development of various diseases. Worse than this, only that in sweets there are numerous chemical additives, dyes and substitutes. The most harmful food products include various chewing and chocolate sweets, bars, pastilles, marmalade, ice cream, purchased jams, candies.

Everyone knows that chips   - this is very harmful. But most tend to believe that it is potato chips - the most harmful products. In fact, both potato and corn chips are not recommended at all. Here you can include any other ready-made food prepared from potatoes or corn: French fries, corn sticks and cereal.

Any sweet drinks   it is not recommended to drink at all. All because of the fact that they contain a lot of sugar and harmful chemicals. Everyone knows that with carbonated drinks you can remove the scum in the kettle. And what happens when such a liquid enters the stomach? Soda is very harmful for children, so try to never keep it at home in the fridge. To reduce the cost of production of beverages, they have been adding aspartame instead of sugar for quite some time. This sweetener is a very strong carcinogen, which causes the development of malignant tumors.

Sausages. A time when the sausage meat was already long gone. Now these bad foods add soy (a product that is most prone to natural mutations). Also do not forget that the preparation of sausages are pork skin, visceral fat and cartilage. To mask the unpleasant taste and color, different manufacturers use different additives and dyes. To maintain your health, try to eat less cooked, smoked sausages and ham.

Fast food. Under this concept, one should understand not only noodles, but also various mashed potatoes and soups. Do not forget that soluble drinks also apply to instant food products. Minimize, or even better, completely eliminate from the diet these products, which cause not only liver disease, but also the stomach and kidneys.

Mayonnaise. This all-time favorite sauce also refers to harmful foods. Of course, the exception is mayonnaise, cooked at home. But the bought mayonnaise is very irritating to the gastric mucosa. Also, it contains numerous stabilizers, substitutes, dyes, etc. Any purchased salads, cooked with mayonnaise, should be bypassed by the tenth way. But do not think that only mayonnaise is dangerous. Harmful food is also ketchup, various dressings and sauces, sold in a wide range in each store.

Fast food. Food in institutions serving meals on the go, is never healthy. Agree that huge greasy burgers in burgers is not in any way relate to healthy food. Once you try this food, it wants to eat again, because it's so delicious. It is the different flavoring, which is full of such foods. By the way, to fast food include not only the institution type of the McDonald's. Any products that contain a lot of fat, especially the Shawarma and pasties, also should not be eaten.

Alcohol. Here everything is clear! Alcohol has never been considered useful, because even in minimal amounts it interferes with the normal assimilation of vitamins. Also, we should not forget that alcohol is very caloric. And about the harm that he carries the liver and kidneys, you can even not even mention.

The consequences of poor nutrition for the body has so many   - from problems with excess weight and ending with a whole bunch of diseases caused by additives and carcinogens contained in products. Therefore, try to eat as many useful foods as possible, which will help you to always stay healthy.