No creature can live without food. Food gives us the energy necessary for the functioning of all organs of life. But at the moment there are various products which negatively affect our health. Everyone should know what harmful food there are, and try to minimize the amount of their consumption.

The cause of many illnesses lies in the fact that we don't eat the most healthy food. On the shelves you can see the various harmful food. But they are delicious. A particular food has become so important in the daily diet that many people simply cannot imagine my life without her. Let us describe in detail which products are harmful to health.

Sweets. Nutritionists around the world have long warned us that eating too many sweets not only leads to obesity. These harmful products for the figures also lead to the development of various diseases. Worse than that only the fact that the chocolates there are numerous chemical additives, dyes and substitutes. The most harmful foods include a variety of chewy and chocolate candy, candy bars, candy, jellies, ice cream, purchase jams, candies.

Everyone knows that chips — it is very harmful. But most tend to believe that potato chips are the most harmful products. Really like potato and corn chips is not recommended to use at all. This may also include any other prepared foods made from potatoes or corn: potato chips, corn sticks, and cereal.

Any sweet drinks it is recommended not to drink at all. All due to the fact that they contain lots of sugar and harmful chemicals. Everyone knows that carbonated beverages can be descaled the kettle. And what happens when the liquid enters the stomach? Soda is very bad for kids, so try it never keep at home in the fridge. To reduce the cost of production of drinks, a long time ago they add aspartame instead of sugar. This sweetener is a very strong carcinogen, causing malignant tumors.

Sausages. A time when the sausage meat was already long gone. Now these bad foods add soy (a product that is most prone to natural mutations). Also do not forget that the preparation of sausages are pork skin, visceral fat and cartilage. To mask the unpleasant taste and color, different manufacturers use different additives and dyes. To maintain your health, try to eat less cooked, smoked sausages and ham.

Fast food. Under this concept should be understood not only noodles, but also a variety of mashed potatoes and soups. Don't forget that instant drinks are also fast food. Minimize, better yet, completely eliminate from the diet those foods that cause not only liver disease but also stomach and kidney.

Mayonnaise. This beloved sauce is also applies to hazardous food products. Of course, the exception is mayonnaise, prepared at home. But store-bought mayonnaise is very much irritating the gastric mucosa. It also contains numerous stabilizers, substitutes, dyes etc. of Any purchase salads prepared with mayonnaise should be around. But do not think that only the threat of mayonnaise. Harmful food is also ketchup, and various dressings and sauces are sold in wide range in every store.

Fast food. Food in institutions serving meals on the go, is never healthy. Agree that huge greasy burgers in burgers is not in any way relate to healthy food. Once you try this food, it wants to eat again, because it's so delicious. It is the different flavoring, which is full of such foods. By the way, to fast food include not only the institution type of the McDonald's. Any products that contain a lot of fat, especially the Shawarma and pasties, also should not be eaten.

. Here, everything is clear! Alcohol was never considered useful, even in minimal quantities it prevents the absorption of vitamins. You should also not forget that alcohol is very high in calories. And about the harm that it carries to the liver and kidneys, you do not even mention.

The consequences of poor nutrition for the body has so many — ranging from problems with excess weight and finishing with a whole bunch of diseases caused by additives and carcinogenic substances contained in the products. So try to eat more healthful foods that will help You to stay healthy.