To maintain healthy human life require different vitamins. The daily dose of each vitamin, of course, varies. Too high a level of vitamins is called hypervitaminosis. But often we are prone to vitamin deficiency — lack of vitamins. Vitamin a is one of the most important. Country Councils will tell what happens vitamin a deficiency.

Vitamin a plays a very important role in the human body. It is involved in the synthesis of proteins, oxidation-reduction processes, promotes the normalization of metabolism, is necessary for the growth of new cells and slowing the aging of already existing cells. Also, vitamin A is involved in the formation of teeth and bones. We all know for a long time already that vitamin A has a beneficial effect on eyesight. But in addition, it still affects the normal functioning of the immune system.

Contains vitamin a in the foods included in our daily diet. The best source of vitamin A  is a veal liver. Then in the list of foods rich in vitamin A, go carrots, spinach, pumpkin, papaya, green leafy cabbage, broccoli, melon, tomato, avocado, apricot, lettuce, asparagus beans, peas and peas. Of course, most of these products we can not eat for the winter because of their absence on store shelves. But here carrots and veal liver can be bought at any time.

Vitamin a is a fat – soluble. Therefore, that it is well digested, the digestive tract will require fats. It should also be remembered that only fat alone will not be enough to ensure that vitamin A is completely absorbed from food. The lack of vitamin E in the body prevents the absorption of vitamin A. Of course, there is good news: vitamin A is able to persist for a long time in the body, so its reserves should not be replenished every day.

Vitamin a deficiency adversely affects the condition of skin and hair. Rapid aging, skin aging and wrinkle formation can be prevented by having sufficient vitamin A in the body. Very important vitamin a for hair. Its deficiency causes the hair to become dull, lose its luster and fall out. Due to lack of vitamin A can also appear another problem — dandruff.

Vitamin a deficiency adversely affects the condition of the teeth. Increased sensitivity of tooth enamel will agree, gives a lot of trouble. Healthy teeth and gums are directly dependent on this vitamin. Men should also pay attention to vitamin a. At its or his lack the erection is weakened.

But that's not all the problems caused by insufficient amounts of vitamin A. most vitamin a deficiency affects the body's resistance to various skin diseases. Dermatitis and dry skin are caused by the lack of this vitamin in the body.

It is important to mention that the lack of vitamin A in the body leads to poor eyesight.Night blindness is different disturbances. The lack of vitamin A may develop as nyctalopia (inability to see in the dark or dusk) and night blindness (inability to see clearly in bright daylight).

To the immune system against various infections of respiratory organs, not only of the high content of vitamin C in the body. Vitamin a plays a major role in the proper functioning of the immune system. Therefore, always include in your diet products containing vitamin A.

In any case don't let lack of vitamins in the body. Do not focus on the consumption of certain vitamins, considering that it is their level of content that you should fill. All the systems of the body are interrelated, so a comprehensive approach to solving the problem of vitamin deficiency is always much more effective.