Many people come to sports and fitness, driven by desirelose weight  and remove excess centimeters from the waist and hips. But one month of training passes, then one more, but there is still no visible result. If you regularly leadtraining diary. then finding the cause of the lack of effect will be much easier.

Diary of training is, as it seems at first glance, only for bodybuilders and bodybuilders who are ready to "swing" in the gym before fanaticism. Actuallydiary of training is necessary for anyone who is engaged in sports exercises. because he helps to "break down" everything that happens to the body during classes, and to understand if there are any positive changes.

Planning your actions and focusing on the goalimproves the effectiveness of classes repeatedly. and a diary of training at the same time promotes self-organization. Diary is not just a list of exercises, approaches, but becomes a kind of plan to achieve the desired goal.

Diary of training can be conducted in different ways  - there is no single scheme. It will depend on the type of loads in the training, on their frequency, etc. So, the simplest version of the training diary is a usual thick exercise book, in which information about the lessons is recorded: the date of the lesson, the type of exercise, the number of approaches, the number of repetitions. Notes in such a diary can be done directly during classes.

There are also training diaries electronic. which can be executed as a simple Excel table or as special applications. There are also "mobile versions" of training diaries for those who prefer to use various mobile gadgets.

In the training diary also can be madedata on the pulse rate during training, on the subjective response of the body to the load, the level of the load  (for example, the weight of burdens), etc. Changes in anthropometric data (actually, weight and volume) are also recorded in the training diary, but you can take measurements not every day, but, for example, once a week - for clarity.

In addition to the training diaryconsiderable benefit in achieving the desired effect  weight loss (and in some cases, on the contrary, mass gain) will have a diary of self-control and a diary of nutrition. Of course, it can be tedious to keep several diaries at once, but then you can try to combine them all into one "global" diary.

In self-monitoring diary or in the corresponding part of the General journal, you enter data about their own well-being during the day, the number of hours of sleep, your activity, attitude, appetite, etc. In the diary also it is fair to record all violations of. omission of training, use of prohibited products, etc.

In the food diary is recorded more daily diet. how much and when was eaten, how much liquid was drunk. It is noted that keeping such records helps to reduce the amount of harmful products used, because you do not want to see clearly how much harmful is eaten per day.

Diary of training and supplementing his diaries of self-control and nutrition - thisexcellent motivators in sports and fitness. The main condition is to lead them honestly. A systematic analysis of the data recorded in the diary will help to objectively assess the situation: whether it was possible to achieve the goals or what was not enough to achieve the result.