During the postpartum period women almost overwhelmingly passionate about care and care for the baby. But after all, every mother from time to time looking at yourself in the mirror and notices that recruited during pregnancy extra pounds is not going away. But I want to return the slenderness! But what should be losing weight after childbirth. in order not to harm neither you nor your child.

The figure after childbirth will recover sufficiently long period. Naturally, after a while you will regain your former beauty. But here many women dream to put on their favorite tight jeans as soon as possible. Unfortunately, usually everything turns out exactly the opposite. And here during the first months after the appearance of the baby, young mothers are faced with the fact that excess weight not only does not go away, but begins to increase. Therefore, many women face the question: how to lose weight after childbirth?

Losing weight after childbirth is not supposed to happen rapidly. Observing certain recommendations you will lose 250-300 g per week. Such a gradual loss of weight is considered optimal. If even after a few months you observe that your weight does not increase or increase, in this case it is worthwhile to see a doctor with your problem.

Let's start with the very basics of the process of losing weight after childbirth. Pay attention to your diet. During pregnancy, each woman eats "for two", so she used to pamper herself with various delicious (and often unhelpful) delicacies. Therefore, immediately reconsider your gastronomic behavior. Nutrition after childbirth should be correct. At the moment, you need an optimal combination of minerals and vitamins in your food. Let's list some mistakes that many women admit after giving birth.

Do not attempt to increase the fat content of milk due to the absorption of large quantities of food. This misconception leads to the fact that young mothers are beginning to rapidly gain weight. Remember that the fat content of breast milk is not affected by fatty food, and the hormone prolactin.

Often the child may not finish his meal of porridge. Of course, throwing food away is bad, but you don't have to eat up for the child. For your weight loss after delivery, sweet porridge will not have a positive effect. Also, remember that you should not try food while cooking it. In a simple way, you can save yourself from extra inches in the waist and hips.

In the first months after birth all the attention women fully absorb the child. While the child is awake, a young mother is always beside him. For this reason it often new mothers forget to eat. This is another reason for rapid weight gain after delivery. Having missed his legal dinner, the body tries to postpone as much fat as possible from the next meal. And to lose weight after childbirth was fast, do not forget to eat at least 4 times a day. Try not to skip breakfast. Do not include too much meat in your diet. Give supper to light food for dinner. And remember that the last meal should take place no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

To quickly lose weight after childbirth also you can't abandon of different exercises. Of course, the sport after childbirth is strictly prohibited to all women, especially those who had a caesarean section. Many women after childbirth develops physical inactivity. And eating only fruits and vegetables, it is also possible to gain unwanted pounds. So try to move more.

Do not give up walks with the baby in the street. Do not be afraid that a child can catch a cold. Fresh air always benefits all people. In addition, you like walking 2-3 times a day will only bring benefits. Also do not forget about various physical activities. The easiest exercises like slow slopes and walking can be done as early as a week after delivery.

Another factor that will affect weight loss after childbirth is a woman's mind. Many young mothers fall into postpartum depression. Due to a sharp change in mood and constant self-pity, many women have a desire to eat something sweet. Unfortunately, it is simply impossible to deal with stress in this way. But the extra pounds will be very quickly formed on the hips and waist. Of course, postpartum depression will soon pass, but here the weight gained can still disappoint you for a very long time. Therefore, try to keep apples or pears, and not chocolates and sweets, at home.