Power theory of blood groups. developed by American doctor Peter D'adamo, finds more and more adherents in the different countries of the world. Based this theory on the fact that people with different blood types suit different products. If you build them into your diet can improve your health and lose weight. What will be diet 2 blood group.

The second blood group ranks second in prevalence after the first. If the ancestors of people with the first blood group were hunters, whose main part of the diet was meat, thenthe second group of blood its owners inherited from farmers.

There was a second group when hunting gradually gave way to the main method of extracting food for agriculture.The nature of the food has changed: people began to eat less meat and more fruits, vegetables and grains. Therefore, if the diet 1 blood meat is a significant part of the diet, the diet for 2 blood limits its use.

Strength of the body   people with a second blood group - a good adaptation to changing diet and environmental conditions.Weak — quite a vulnerable digestive tract and a weak immune system (if not complied with appropriate diet), sensitive nervous system.

In "farmers" the acidity of gastric juice is usually lowered, so it is desirable for them to give up meat -diet 2 blood group is of vegetarian nature. But if, from meat to unsubscribe does not work, you need to try to eat it as little as possible and to give preference to lean meats.

Another diet for 2 blood limits the use of milk. is it better to eat low-fat dairy products. They contain the same nutrients and easier to digest, unlike whole milk. Also, instead of dairy products you can consume soy (e.g., tofu or cheese).

Fish and seafood is not forbidden, but it is desirable avoid fatty, smoked and salted fish and seafood. For example, it is undesirable to eat a herring, caviar, flounder. The preferred fats of vegetable oils (olive, Flaxseed), you need to avoid fats of animal origin, as well as peanut oil and corn oil. Undesirable also have wheat products.

Generally, the digestive system in people with the second group of blood is quite delicate, so in addition to the above products they need excluded from the diet spicy seasonings and sauces, fatty, fried and smoked food, canned foods in brine or marinade. To prevent heartburn you need to eliminate from the diet of acidic fruits and vegetables (citrus, cherries, sour apples, rhubarb, etc.).

However, juices from these fruits from time to time you can drink, but only diluting them with water. You can still drink non-acidic juices (for example, carrot), green tea and naraki coffee. Of alcohol you can drink red wine. But carbonated drinks (including mineral water) and black tea should be avoided .

What allows for have diet for 2 blood group? In addition to the above mentioned dairy products, seafood and fish, you can eat almost any fruit and vegetables in any quantity (except for sour fruits and bananas, do not eat too much potatoes and cabbage). Source of protein will be legumes and eggs, a source of carbohydrates — cereals .

If you group 2 of blood and you decide to lose weight, following an appropriate diet, please note that at least at first, it should be strictly vegetarian. This will help you lose weight. When you reach the desired results, but decide to stick to food for blood groups, it will be possible to introduce into the diet a little lean meat — chicken or Turkey. It is also worth to limit consumption of sweets and sugar, but do not abandon them sure.

Diet will be more effective if combined with exercise (better calm and focusing, for example, yoga ). It will not hurt to drink a course of vitamins and minerals, and if you have a weak immune system — tincture of Echinacea or other natural immuno-stimulant of plant origin.

And keep in mind that the diet might not be suitable, because the body of each person individually. So before you go on a diet for blood group, you need to consult with your doctor .