Slim waist — every woman's dream. And if the body contours are perfect, and the waist is not as slender as I would like, of course, you should try to fix it. Is it possible to reduce the amount of waist? Do you need special exercises to make the waist thinner? About how to make the waist slim. tell the country of the Soviets.

Early to make the waist thin, women resorted to various tricks. they tightened themselves in tight corsets or even removed the lower pair of ribs, trying to look as slim as possible. Fortunately, such times are a thing of the past, and today women have much more humane ways of making the waist thin.

For a slim waist are various physical exercises and special diets. Also in the fight against extra centimeters help special wraps for weight loss, intensive massage. In addition, to make the waist thin, you need to take care of and remove fat from the stomach, make it flat. In this case, also complex exercise and healthy nutrition will be useful.

By combining affordable ways to make your waist look slimmer, you can achieve excellent results, however it should be remembered that very much depends on the individual physique. no diet and exercise will not help, if the body type waist should be a little more than the coveted 60 cm. How can I check whether the waist is optimal for my own body type?

There is a very interesting way to check for "optimal" waist size. Under normal figure you need to subtract from your height (in cm) 100 cm — the resulting number will be equal to the desired waist size. For example, with the growth of 170 cm, waist size, according to this calculation, should be 70 cm.

How to make the waist slim through exercises?   To do this, traditional exercises for strengthening the back and the press, as well as an indispensable assistant of women - hulauch (hoop), will do. That's just the approach to the exercises you need special. The fact is that if you just press the press daily, your muscles will surely strengthen, but for the waist it can not have a positive effect: the muscle mass will grow, and with it the waistline too.

So exercises for a slim waist are recommended to run intensive. the load should be increased gradually. Need to deal with regularly, not allowing yourself to "moonlight". Before beginning exercise it is important to do warm-UPS properly warming up the muscles before more "serious" work.

To make the waist slim well help various inclinations. as well as oriental dances, since it is in such dances that the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, thighs work well. Intensive classes of oriental dances help to remove excess centimeters from the waist and, moreover, contribute to the overall improvement of the contours of the figure and the development of self-confidence.

Women often refuse to make any exercises for the abs. fearing to increase not enough and so thin waist. But have no fear, General physical load on the entire body will help fat burning   in the whole body and, in that. at the waist. And since fat is the "culprit" of large volumes in the waist, then with fat loss it will be easy to say goodbye and with extra centimeters at the waist!