Brain concussion is a serious brain injury, the consequences of which can be far from harmless. Most often, a concussion can sometimes be the result of falls or blows to the head. It's important to recognize a concussion to provide the required medical care. What are the signs of a concussion?

A concussion should not be confused with a slight brain injury  (concussion). As a result of a concussion, no structural and morphological changes occur in the brain tissues. Physicians today are inclined to believe that as a result of brain concussion brain functions may be disrupted, the nutrition of brain cells may deteriorate and, as a consequence, communication between brain centers may deteriorate.

Concussion of the brain although it is considered easy enough traumatic brain injury, but in any case should not be ignored! Following the basic signs of a concussion will help to identify this injury.

  • brief loss of consciousness
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • dizziness
  • confusion of consciousness;
  • disorders of vision.

Of these symptoms a concussion can present only some. So, concussion of the brain in some cases occurs without loss of consciousness - it all depends on the severity of the injury. And sometimes the victim immediately after the injury can not remember what happened, or he does not remember what preceded the injury - it's an anterograde or retrograde amnesia.

In addition to these, some other signs of concussion may be present in the victim. It incoherence of speech, headache, lack of coordination of movements, light and zvukousilitel, lethargy. Upon detection of such signs better as quickly as possible to go to the doctor to receive a diagnosis and its corresponding treatment.

A concussion can have 3 degrees of severity. Depending on the severity of the shock, the victim may be assigned hospitalization or bed rest at home. The victim must necessarily undergo examinations to identify possible injuries, because if they are, then it is already about the brain contusion, and treatment for such trauma requires quite another.

At the examination after a concussion usually the victim is assigned an x-ray. computed tomography or magnetic resonance analysis. You should also check the condition of the fundus-are there any microchromosome the result of the concussion. To do this, you should visit an ophthalmologist.

A concussion is always better to prevent than later cure. So prevention of concussions need to pay special attention. When practicing traumatic sports, you should always protect your head with a helmet, you should use seat belts when traveling by car. It is also important to always immediately wipe the spilled liquid on the floor to avoid the risk of falling on a slippery surface and hitting your head against the floor.

Try always to remember signs of a concussion  and follow the rules of safety in everyday life. This will help keep your health strong for years to come!