What only animals not kept as Pets! The inhabitants of the flats are proteins. dwarf pigs and even gerbils. Home jerboa — very funny and cute animal. But to keep it not so easy.

Generally, before acquiring the exotic pet. you need to seriously consider it. Unusual Pets it is not easy to contain, so if you are ready to give your pet lots of attention, home of the Coney — not the best option. Well, if difficulties do not frighten you, then you can check out rules content of gerbils .

Jerboa is very looks funny. small body, disproportionately large hind legs and long tail with a tassel on the end. The jerboa thick and pleasant to the touch fur is brown or Golden sand color. It protects the animal from extreme temperatures, the desert is his natural habitat.

To home jerboa feel comfortable, it needs to settle in a large aviary. In nature these animals are very mobile, so the lack of space and lack of physical activity home jerboa may begin to suffer from lack of exercise and die early.

Jerboa jump very high, so the height of the cage or aviary must not be less than 50 cm. The floor of the cage need to go to bed is very coarse sand or corn substrate. In General, the landscape is home to the Coney need as close to familiar to these animals of the desert landscape. You need to put in a cage with a soft, dry grass and sticks to make homemade Coney could make a nest.

You can't put in a cage solid objects, hay — home jerboa can damage on their legs, which are adapted for movement on soft ground. Also as bedding you can't use sawdust. First, they absorb water, and gerbils harmful humidity. Second, in the sawdust contains dust that may cause animal allergies. Also the cage should be plastic items, the home of the jerboa will certainly start to chew on them.

Jerboa — the real chistyuli. For cleaning the wool they need sand baths, so you need that the jerboa always had access to pure calcined sand. These clean Zverkov go to the toilet in the same corner and almost no smell. To clean the cage once a week you need. Cleaning the cage, try not to make any sudden movements not to scare the hare.

A jerboa is a solitary animal, so it is better not to have more than one jerboa.The presence of the neighbor force him to defend his territory, and your home jerboa will become aggressive or just nervous. And alone he will feel peaceful and calm. In addition, the jerboa can become nervous and irritable if he has no opportunity to build a nest, and satisfy their natural instincts.

In nature, gerbils are nocturnal, which may create some difficulties for their content. Below “cheat” biological clock jerboa. need a night to turn on bright electric light, by day to strive to create a muted shade with a bluish light reminiscent of the moon. Gradually, the biorhythms of the animal moves the way you want.

In the cage with the jerboa you need to put the food bowl (not plastic) and a drinking bowl with spout. The dispenser is very desirable, because in the wild gerbils drink very little. The gerbils can be given fruits (apples, pears), vegetables (beets, potatoes, carrots), herbs and hay, mixed grain from cultivated and wild cereals, seeds (sunflower, melon, watermelon). It is necessary to give the jerboa plant roots and twigs of deciduous trees, especially in winter. In the diet of the Coney must be insects (mealworms, grasshoppers, butterflies) — they help him to maintain a high level of activity and body temperature. Water and food must be clean and fresh, so they need to change on a daily basis.

Despite the fact that the home jerboa needs to be physically active, it should not be allowed to walk around the apartment. he will run and catch it will be very difficult. Usually a fugitive hiding in a remote place and trying to dig there hole. Home jerboa does not like obsession: the desire to communicate can cause aggression. To to you accustomed to, often try to be with him in the same room.

Basically, if you are patient, kind and gentle, homemade Coney will be able to get used to it and will go on hands. But still, despite the epithet of “home” jerboa will always remain a wild rodent he'll never be able to fully get used to the person and at the first opportunity try to run away.