The phenomenon zaedy in the corners of the mouth brings a lot of trouble. Besides being very unsightly, it is also really painful, and in severe cases it is even difficult to eat due to the fact that attempts to open his mouth cause severe pain. How to treat zaedy at home, tell the country of the Soviets.

Many people who suffer from Zayed, and they prefer to endure in the hope that the cracks, delivering the pain, heal by themselves. However, zaedy is not a cosmetic defect, but a disease and it is required to treat. In medicine zaedy known under the names "angelic », «which restores stomatitis "or "angularly cheilitis ».

Before being treated by zaedy, you need to determine precisely what had caused the disease. So, can provoke the appearance of Zayed streptococci. At the initial stages of streptococcal galloping are characterized by the appearance in the corners of the mouth of the bubbles with a thin coating. Then erosions are quickly formed on the spot of the vesicles, covered with purulent-bloody crusts.

If the crust zaedy to remove it, it is under the bleeding surface, and in just a few hours, the crust re-formed. Zaedy strep most common in children. because their immunity is very weak, and therefore can not resist streptococcal infection.

In some cases, zaedy can wear not infectious, and fungal in nature: they cause a yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida. Such zaedy call kandidamikoze. When candidomycosis the zaedy peel characteristic of streptococcal Zayed, absent, lesions may be covered with grayish-white bloom. Kandidamikoze zaedy are often chronic in nature.

Zaedy and children, and adults, do not appear suddenly. The emergence of this disease can contribute to a lack of vitamin B2 in the body, diabetes, as well as an incorrect bite, incorrectly selected crowns. In addition, recurring seizures may indicate internal diseases, and candidamycotic attacks may be triggered by prolonged use of antibiotics, corticosteroids and cytostatics.

Treatment of streptococcal and candidomycosis Zayed differently. Treat streptococcus spores with antibiotics (used for the treatment of special ointments antibiotikami), and candidamycotic - antifungal agents. But in most cases only local treatment is not enough for full recovery.

To treat zaedy successfully, it is necessary not only to treat the affected area of drugs and also to focus efforts on addressing the factors that triggered the onset. For example, when zaedy caused by lack of vitamin B2, it is necessary to include in your diet foods that contain this vitamin, or to take special vitamin preparations.

Thus, to treat zaedy at home perhaps, when isolated mild cases the appearance of Zayed practiced usually home treatment. However, in cases where zaedy are chronic when they heal slowly, it is better not to hesitate and to go to the doctor!