The Selkirk Rex — another "curly" breed of cats (along with the Devon Rex), and of all Rex she is the youngest. About this unusual breed of cat will tell its readers the land of the Soviets.

Breed of cats Selkirk Rex looks quite different from the other Rex. Cornish Rex and Devon Rex fur is very short, "plush". Have a Selkirk Rex. it has the normal length, and within the breed there is Shorthair and longhair varieties .

The founder of breed Selkirk Rex was cat Miss de Pesto. born in the state of Montana in 1987. She was the only "curly" kitten in the litter. Her mistress, breeder of the Persians Jerry Newman, crossed Miss de Pesto with a black Persian cat. In the litter, there were three kittens with curly hair and three - with a straight line. So the Selkirk Rex breed began its development. Officially, it was recognized in 1992.

In the development of this breed took part not only the Persians, but also the British Shorthair, exotic and Himalayan cat (Persian: color-points). Since the Selkirk rex breed is still in the making, cats and cats with curly hair are still crossed with other breeds of cats. But starting from 2015, cats of the Selkirk-rex breed can be crossed exclusively with Selkirks.

The addition of the Selkirk Rex resembles the British Shorthair  - this is a fairly large breed of cats with a squat build, a muscular body and strong bones. The head is round and wide, with large round eyes, medium-sized ears and well-defined muzzle. The length of the muzzle is half its width. The flattened face, like that of the Persians, is a marriage of the breed.

As mentioned above, wool Selkirk can be both long and short. It is very soft and thick, something resembling a sheep. The hair can curl small, large or cascading curls or be wavy. Especially brightly expressed in curls on the neck, chest, thighs, belly and behind the ears .

Grooming Selkirk quite simple. Shorthair cats should be brushed once a week, longhair — every day. Unlike the other Rexes, the Selkirk Rex are prone to abundant shedding. so people who are prone to allergies to cats, serkerov to have is not recommended.

Cats of breed selkirk reks can bealmost all colors. including various forms of albinism and incomplete coloring (points, sepia, dark brown), bicolors, silver / smoky, chocolate and lilac cats.

With regard to the nature, temperament Selkirk reflects the characteristics of other breeds of cats participating in the development of the breed the Selkirk Rex. From the British Shorthair, they have borrowed restraint and calm. From the Persians — the habit of flippers to the owner. From exotics Shorthair — playfulness. Cat breeds the Selkirk Rex is very patient and loving, they genuinely attached to his master. They like to sit on their hands, climb on their shoulders and neck. Selkirk perfectly get along with other cats.

Cats of this breed differ good health. One of the few challenges that might be faced by the owner of Selkirk is excessive secretion of earwax  due to irritation of the ear passage with curly hair inside the auricle. Therefore, it is necessary to clean your ears regularly and very carefully.

Also, the homozygous cats (who inherited the dominant gene of the Selkirk Rex from both parents) can be observed increased oiliness of the coat. therefore, it is necessary to bathe them more often (of course, with the use of special shampoos and conditioners, selected depending on the structure and condition of animal's coat). Usually Selkirk love water, so bathing won't be a problem.

When you interbreed crossbreeding, the Selkirk Rex may to inherit a predisposition to certain diseases than other breeds. For example, the Persians can "reward" Selkirk with a penchant for polycystic kidney, and British short-haired - for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. But good breeders always check cats involved in breeding, on the propensity to these diseases, so the probability of hereditary predisposition in Selkirks will be minimal.

Cat breeds the Selkirk Rex is a charming gentle creatures with unusual appearance. Such a pet is unlikely to leave a fan of cats indifferent.