Summer is a particularly dangerous time for the "cores": the heat increases the risk of acute cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks and strokes. Even if in your surroundings there are no people who have heart problems, it is important to know how it turns out first aid for stroke . perhaps someday this knowledge will save the lives of bystanders.

Stroke called an acute ischemic stroke. in particular, brain hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage and cerebral infarction (ischemic stroke). 70-85% of all cases of stroke are ischemic strokes. about four times less likely to happen hemorrhagic strokes{!LANG-d70d35efe56a7cec8c92fb669e36a803!}

Symptoms of a stroke

{!LANG-f1f2b75cde966583f186a5cacdda6a88!}Typical cerebral symptoms stroke{!LANG-933ecdc03c8c0b99e04e908013a73f1a!}

Sometimes there is dizziness, severe headache, nausea or vomiting, loss of orientation in space and time. May be present vegetative symptoms{!LANG-276dd4c739cb96d9083dbb53dbd93cad!}

Focal symptoms of stroke{!LANG-48f1ec16b8e9a60f9820828c19d4ad0c!}

First aid for stroke

The most effective is medical care provided in the first minutes and hours of the disease, it was she who largely determines how successful the treatment outcome. The first 3 (max 6) hours of cerebrovascular disease are referred to as therapeutic window. during which it is still possible to prevent irreversible changes in the brain.

The first thing you need to call an ambulance{!LANG-abc683a421757801ef5fac44e80e8416!}

While physicians on the road, to provide patient aid, it will help completely or at least partially prevent further brain damage. The first thing you need to place the patient so that the head and shoulders were in good condition{!LANG-76a7b8b2b5279d947c08ceac18f24ffb!}

Provide the patient with sufficient flow of fresh air{!LANG-5a7933ba884ddf0288d74f5f3251d444!}

With vomiting you need to very gently rotate the patient's head to the side and clean weeding of the mouth from vomit{!LANG-bc7696be700e73de98a1976f193515f0!}

Do not give a patient medicine to expand blood vessels, especially alcohol{!LANG-425ea089559e84efa84a92aebb4c7665!}

Correctly provided first aid for a stroke can save someone's life, so the signs of a stroke and the rules of rendering first aid{!LANG-211485acebe2fa16fc6dc40e8e545490!}