Today modernity is increasingly drawn to the exotic. This applies to all, including Pets. Home the spider has become a popular pet among the extreme. These Pets are fairly undemanding, does not require special attention and large expenditures. But, like any pet spiders need care.

It is important to choose the right spider. because they are both safe and predatory. Most often, tarantice spiders become domesticated. This spider is a predator, but it has an attractive color and is not too whimsical in care. In addition, their poison is not so dangerous for our health, unlike the famous black widow or karakurt.

You should seriously treat the environment   this insect. The size of the terrarium must correspond to the span of the spider's legs. It is necessary to have a lid, otherwise the house spider will easily get out. Home spiders are single. They do not get along with the congeners and eat them, so every spider needs to be kept in a separate container (with the exception of mating). Depending on the type of spider, you need to pick up the soil for the terrarium. It can be a stone or a wooden bottom. The air temperature in their home is also very important. It must correspond to the natural habitat of these arthropods. The terrarium needs to be constantly heated, so that the house spider feels as comfortable as possible. Just in it you need to put a drinker with clean and fresh water.

The home spider feeds depending on the size. The size of food should not exceed one-third the size of a spider. Large can be fed frogs and mice, spiders of smaller sizes prefer insects. It can be cockroaches, flour worms, crickets. In the diet of these pets should not include human food. It should not exceed the size of a spider. All this can lead to various diseases of the animal, even to death.

In spite of the external aggression and fearsome appearance, home spider – susceptible animal. Preferably just admire them through the glass of the terrarium and less to carry. Spidey may not seriously frightened and even sick. To interact with these exotic Pets it is better to use long tweezers. The same forceps can be used when cleaning the remnants of food in the terrarium.

All attempts at training a spider are hopeless. They can only harm you. The animal can feel danger from your side and bite. As a result - an allergy or inflammation. Over time, the home spider may not respond aggressively to touch, but there is still danger.

To some extent spiders can be considered long-lived. The female spiders, for example, lives up to twenty years. It is more hardy than a male who survives to a maximum of 7 years.

Take care and love your exotic pet, and it will please you as long as possible.

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