The key to a beautiful (both male and female) is raised caviar. Inflate them a little difficult, because every day these muscles are susceptible to stress when walking. Will have to work a little on beautiful legs. Do you want these? Then you should read the article about how to build the calves of the legs.

A bit about anatomy. Shin has three groups of muscles, such as front, back and outer. In the anterior group is the tibial muscle, which unbends the foot and raises its inner edge. Also, a muscle is connected to this group, which lifts the outer edge of the foot (pronation), and a muscle that flexes and unbends the thumb. In the posterior group of muscles is the triceps muscle of the lower leg, with which the leg is bent at the knee and ankle joint. Well, the last group of muscles (external) has in its composition a long fibular muscle, which takes part in pronation of the foot and flexion of the ankle joint.

This description is given for a reason: you should know basic work of certain muscles to choose exactly those exercises that are required for each group of muscles. So first, provide exercises for the posterior surface of the tibia .

The donkey raises with a barbell

You can do without the rod, but just to take some cargo. It is necessary to become even and put your feet under the bar, the thickness of which is about 5 cm. Take the bar or its analog and place the load on your shoulders. On the bar you need to put the fourth part of the foot, that is, only the fingers. Rise to the socks and return to the starting position.

Rise on your toes from a standing position with tilt

First stand straight and put your feet under the bar. You should be belt with cargo. You can replace it with a regular belt, but attach a burden to it. Then stand with your fingers on the bar and lift to the socks, and then return to the starting position.

Press toes in the supine position

Lie down on the floor or on a bench. Grab your hands behind your head or on the edge of the bench. Raise straight legs up, socks in a free position. Begin lifting of socks upwards, pulling muscles of an anticnemion. Then go back to the starting position.

Now a little exercise for the anterior surface of the tibia .

Rise on socks standing

Stand on the bar with your fingers, straighten the body. Perform an ascent on the toes, as much as possible cutting the anterior tibial muscle. Hold in this position for 5-10 seconds. Then go back to the starting position, touching the heels of the floor.

The rise of the socks standing

Become flat and put a load on your feet, for example, a bag of sand. Become a heel on the bar. Now lift the socks with the load and lower them to the starting position.

Pump the calves of the legs will help you and exercises for the outer surface of the tibia .

The donkey raises with a barbell sitting

Sit straight. Place the bar (or any other load) on your knees. Put your toes on the bar. Begin lifting socks and lowering, holding the load on your knees.

Rising to the toe in a standing position

A very effective exercise. With it, you will be able to provide the load on the external group of muscles of the lower leg. Pick up one dumbbell (or other cargo) in the arm. Put one foot on the bar so that its surface was located just toes. The second leg is bent at the knee, it is in open position, but not at the bar. Climb high on the toe, then fall. Change the leg.

The bar should be high so that the heel does not touch the floor. When lifting, spread the feet apart or bring them inside. You can also vary the angle. Such manipulations make it possible to give a good load to the muscles along the entire circumference of the gastrocnemius.

Rest between sets 30-45 seconds. Pump the calves of the legs after the first day of training is impossible, so you'll have to devote a couple of months. To perform exercises should be 10-15 times, but over time, you can do more exercise. The amplitude of all movements should be the maximum. When you are moving rapidly, rising on socks, can be a little bit late to give the static load on the muscles .