Sinusitis is inflammation of the paranasal or maxillary sinuses. Most often it appears as a complication of a cold or flu. In this article we will tell you how to cure sinusitis.

Symptoms of this disease  serve: a stuffy nose, a drawing pain in the forehead and nose area, as well as turbidity of nasal discharge. In addition, with a more acute course of the disease, swelling of the cheeks, headache, fever and weakness can be observed. Very often, sinusitis is treated as a common cold, so patients often resort to self-treatment and only a few days later turn to a doctor.

It should be noted that delayed treatment of sinusitis may lead to complications. Usually during 3-5 days the incubation period lasts, in which the disease does not manifest at all, somewhere in 7 days the patient starts actively walking around the pharmacies in search of necessary preparations, then after a couple of days he realizes that a specialist examination will be required. Only at the end of the second week a person gets to see a doctor.

In general, this disease arises from the infection of the sinuses of the nose with microbes, the failure of the immune system, and also due to a violation of the ventilation and drainage functions of the anastomosis.

To cure sinusitis, in modern clinics and hospitals use a fairly painful procedure, which appears a puncture (puncture) of the maxillary sinus with subsequent washing. Nevertheless, this method is considered the most effective. Not every patient is ready psychologically for this kind of treatment.

There is also an alternative way to cure sinusitis — flushing method of mixing. This procedure is considered less painful and less effective, in addition, this method of treatment can sometimes exacerbate the situation.

However, in order to cure sinusitis, it is possible and not to resort to punctures and to do inhalation and bury the nose. These types of treatment involve cleansing the mucosa from pus, mucus and allergens, as well as restoring drainage properties. As an example, several folk methods of combating sinusitis can be cited.

Take one teaspoon St. John's wort  and pour it into a glass of boiled water. Allow the liquid to brew well. Next, this water will need to wash your nose using a small syringe. Grass of St. John's wort has a good anti-inflammatory effect and perfectly promotes the acceleration of the restoration of the affected areas of the mucous membrane.

Still rinse the nose with warm water, adding iodine and manganese. For one glass of water, three drops of iodine and two crystals of potassium permanganate are sufficient. As you know, these drugs have a bactericidal effect.

In addition, if you have no temperature, inhalation using chamomile, celandine, eucalyptus and the thousand. This procedure will reduce swelling of the mucous and conduct disinfection of the maxillary sinuses.

At home you can prepare nose drops. It will be necessary to mix in equal parts the juice of a blue onion, the juice of potatoes and honey. Further dig in this mixture 2 drops 4 times a day. To ensure that the product does not deteriorate quickly, we recommend storing it in the refrigerator.

Finally I must say that since sinusitis is a serious disease, the most effective way to cure it is contact a .

It is better all over again to the doctor first, than to try all methods on yourself. And then you can do much harm, burn, especially digging in something like an onion, potassium permanganate and garlic. Or to use already proven means. I first tried and propolis, and honey, butter, too - not very effective, only temporary relief. While the acquaintance practically did not force to splash from her bubble with sinuporte. First of course, not very pleasant, sneezing, tears from your eyes. But then you can go straight through. I bought myself, was pleasantly surprised that the plant components were made.

I was simply tortured by genyantritis. I do not know how to cope with endless pains and a runny nose, I want to try something new. I heard about the fact that there is a technology of balloon treatment. It's scary, of course, but I'm slowly adjusting to it. Moreover, it is said about it that it is painless and quick enough in time. Probably, in a month I'll try it.

I had to go abroad to carry out the procedure of balloon sinuplasty. I was recommended by her friend doctor, that's why I agreed to an adventure of this kind. I thought that all the laudatory words addressed to Acclaim is a banal advertisement. However, the result surprised me - from my genyantritis there was literally no trace left. And all this for one procedure. It's good that in Russia clinics that follow modern technologies have also begun to apply this method.

Fox, Totally agree with you that it is better to see a doctor than to be treated in all ways that you can read on the Internet. I was treated when I had a sinusitis sinuporte, the drug was appointed a doctor and I somehow was not afraid to apply it.

Yeah I treated treated and healed itself to puncture, when I had a sinus infection, then was treated all that he had read in the paper and online, started this treatment and went to a puncture. Now I have a constant with the protracted cold starts the sinusitis, but is now quickly trying to eliminate used sinuforte, I like it that it helps.

Always it is necessary to address to experts, as there can be consequences. I first tried to cure genyantritis with folk remedies, but then I realized that it was useless and I went to the doctors and I prescribed sinuporte and antibiotics.

And I do not like all these spray squashes in the nose, it's not much use from them. I liked to do more inhalation, and it is effective and the medicine goes exactly where it needs and does not dissipate through the body. The medicine is good to me the doctor advised, Fluimucil antibiotic IT is called. It goes with the mucolytic, removes mucus and kills the infection. I really liked both the way of treatment and the high efficiency. I advise everyone to try, for whom it is relevant.

My husband was suffering from sinusitis, it was a pity to look at him. A friend advised Cinnabsin to try. There was nothing to lose and we took a chance. A few days later the stuffiness was gone, my husband again felt all the smells. The drug well removes puffiness in the nose and helps the nose to breathe by itself. Already half a year has passed after treatment. The genyantritis does not disturb.