Cracked heels generally are very much in the way of an active lifestyle and wearing open shoes. Also worth noting is that even small defects can sometimes cause severe pain. In this article we will tell you how to cure cracked heels.

First of all you need to talk about the causes of such diseases{!LANG-6a4936b267efb4b36f3260f177d7585a!}

Rough skin on the heels may appear in the result vitamin deficiency or excess of vitamins, metabolic disorders, gastritis{!LANG-7c795ddc86882d8999e9a35dad4b35ba!}


If you have a relatively shallow defects will help poultice of grated onion or Apple{!LANG-ac3be17f7dfc9d5ef17a44c52bbbc3a9!}

In the case of deeper cracks can wipe the heel with the juice of a tomato. This procedure is recommended as often as possible. It is also allowable to use unsalted tomato juice. Importantly — in any case not to use this tomato paste or sauce, as there is a risk to further aggravate the situation.

One of the most effective ways to cure cracked heels is considered a compress of cabbage{!LANG-dc354709b60a2caaa3767d636a906c89!}

About the healing properties of honey is known to everyone{!LANG-5d7cfa956b1e645d717851e60e2d8e60!}

Still have to get rid of such problems with heels help vaseline. you can buy at any pharmacy. To start you will need to make a foot bath, dissolved in water boric acid (4 tablespoons to 1 liter of water). Next you should apply a layer of ointment on the cracks, and then sealed them with adhesive tape. The cracks will disappear after 6-7 days by daily practice of this procedure.

Finally it is worth saying that if the cracks began to inflame, that is, the skin around them swells and turns red — this indicates that you need medical assistance{!LANG-64f628a473b3ec0cc76e3a164dafc703!}

It should also be noted that if you are not a follower of folk treatments of cracks, we recommend you to seek help from a doctor{!LANG-64996a9d5679e52c943aab040c3a87bd!}