Keeping horses until recently was considered a whim of wealthy people. Today it is available and the middle class. When purchasing a horse, you can rent for her stall, which experienced grooms to provide all the necessary conditions. About the need for horses, and tell the land of the Soviets.

First of all decide why do you need a horse. horseback riding, professional equestrian or it will be heavy work. Thoroughbred sport horses should give training to professionals. Keeping horses for equestrian sport requires special care. But we'll talk about the content the usual riding horses.

Keeping horses: the choice and stabling

Health and beauty of the horse depend primarily on its food and conditions of detention. If you have your own stables with a stable boy that you could control the rent for her stall. In this case, the content of the horses can be limited to you only pay rent. Each stable boy will praise his stables and tell about the conditions of horses, but the words may not always correspond to reality. Before to stop on the choice, look at the other horses, after a time, your horse will be.

Note the appearance of horses is available. If they combed mane, shimmering hair, there is no damage on the case, they are savvy, do not show aggression or retreating into a corner at the sight of you, we can say that caring for your horse is rough. The stall can also tell a lot: definitely on the floor must be fresh sawdust, which is changed every morning. Well you look at several horses and their stables. If you put the example of only one horse, be sure to ask to see others.

The cost of renting the stall included:

  • feed three times a day (under certain loads, the horse should be fed up to 6 times per day)
  • fresh sawdust in the stall, which change daily
  • daily walks
  • daily cleaning.

In keeping horses, you need to include additional services. veterinary services, shoeing a horse, extra vitamins or treats, anthelmintic drugs, equipment and additional training of the horse.

Note the location of the stables if there is a place for horseback riding, what size is the paddock if there's any ramps for jumping. A good stable must be located outside the city or on its outskirts, away from the noisy roads.

Keeping horses: the object to clean

For horses it is very important to clean their wool before selenium. During the horse-collects dust and debris, which under the saddle unpeeled horses in the future, may form sores. Complete horse grooming needs to be:

  • Brush of whalebone with stiff long bristles, used for removing caked dirt from his feet.
  • Hair brush short soft bristles that clean the entire body of the horse. This brush should be a strap for fixing the palm of your hand.
  • Metal comb. you need to clean the brush. After a few strokes of a hair brush, it is necessary to clean a comb. Only then the brush will perform its function, rather than spread the dust around the horse's body.
  • Brush for wet cleaning used to wet the tail and mane.
  • Two sponges different colors or shapes, so as not to confuse them. One is necessary for washing the eyes and nostrils of the horse, the second is used in the region of the tail and perineum in the gelding.
  • Hook for cleaning the dirt from the hooves with a blunt end. After each outing you should check the hooves and, when necessary, to clean them. Such a hook is not lost in litter,as is often the case, it is possible to tie a bright ribbon or rope.
  • A piece of suede or a wet cloth is necessary to obtain a shine on the horse's coat.
  • Stall scraper  you can use rubber or plastic. They remove dirt from the wool in the area of ​​the bony protuberances. In order not to damage the skin, it is necessary to work with caution.
  • Scraper sweat used for removing the hair of excess moisture.
  • Metal comb for mane. which is required for trimming the tail and mane.
  • Horse shampoo. buckets and towels for washing horses.
  • As additional funds you can buy a special pillow for massage, electric toothbrush or other accessories to care. Before you purchase consult with an experienced groom.

Visit your horse at least once a week. Before the ride alone brush your horse — this will allow to establish closer friendly contact. Bring treat. Apple, carrots, refined sugar. But don't overdo it and listen to the advice of an experienced groom. When you arrive periodically, your horse will be waiting for you and rejoice in each new meeting.