Inhaler — a device designed for the introduction of drugs into the respiratory tract. Such devices are used in asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and other diseases. In this article we will tell you how to choose inhaler ( ).

First of all, it should be noted that such devices are of three types: steam, ultrasonic and compressor. The effect of steam inhaler based on the effect of evaporation of medicines. Ultrasonic devices allow spray drugs in the form of an aerosol due to the splitting of the liquid by a special plate of the radiator. As for the compressor inhalers, they form the so-called aerosol cloud with the help of a compressor.

In order to choose the right inhaler, you need to know about positive and negative aspects of each type of device. Steam inhalers are used to warm the upper respiratory tract with coughing. This type of device on the principle of action reminiscent of "grandma's" remedy: to breathe boiled potatoes under a blanket. The heat generated by the inhaler it helps to soften the nasopharynx and trachea, due to which the oxygen is much easier. It should be noted that steam inhalation can not be carried out at body temperature more than 37.5 degrees, since most of the drugs, getting into the body, simply collapses, and the expected effect does not come. The cost of such a device is relatively small and can be afforded by each family.

Ultrasonic inhalers just a 15-minute procedure is able to fully treat the surface inflammation of the respiratory tract. Typically, such devices are used decoctions of different medicinal herbs, essential oils and mineral water. However, be aware that some features of drugs can be destroyed when exposed to ultrasound, so the choice of drugs should be approached quite seriously. Consult your doctor who will prescribe the medication that will fit your inhaler. The positive qualities of such ultrasonic devices are compact, and quiet. However, you will always have to buy supplies. special cups and medicine. In addition, you will have to regularly charge the batteries.

Feature works compressor nebulizers is the constant output aerosol, which is activated by inhalation, that is by increasing the speed of breath increases the output of aerosol. Some models of these devices are equipped with special valves to interrupt flow. Advantage of compressor nebulizer is the possibility of using of practically all drug formulations. intended for inhalation. Also worth noting is the great resource of such devices. As for cons, the compressor inhalers typically are large in size, and in their work there is a lot of noise.

You also need to tell about nebulizers  - inhalers, which can use both ultrasonic and compressor spraying. Such devices are used to treat bronchial asthma and various respiratory diseases.

In this article, we examined the main types of devices designed to enter the drug into the respiratory tract. To choose the right inhaler, wewe recommend you to consult the doctor. since only he can accurately determine the individual number of drugs and the device for their introduction. Inhalers can be purchased in pharmacies, as well as in specialized stores of medical equipment.