Scars represent a substitution of the skin of the so-called connective tissue, which occurs due to various injuries. In this article we will tell you how to get rid of scars.

Reasons for the emergence of such entities can be both mechanical and thermal effects. Also scars can be the result of various skin diseases. It is worth noting that not each of these institutions can be cured at home. Some scars may require surgical treatment or laser application .

To get rid of scars, treatment should start immediately after the healing of open wounds. To do this, you can contact any cosmetic clinic. Today, there is a huge amount of diverse equipment that can cope with this task.

Usually patients are offered two ways to treat scars. The first is polishing (microdermabrasion) with the help of erbium laser. This method is ideal for removing scars of any size, whether fresh or old. After grinding, the area at the site of the scar is filled with collagen in order to eliminate the remaining scar.

The second method is a laser correction with the use of different softening agents. After the pulse impact on the scar it softens and leveled.

In order to get rid of scars, there is also a lot of popular ways. Regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties ointment prepared from the flowers of the white Lily. Flowers should be crushed to give juice. Then the flowers need to put in a jar so that it filled one third. After that, pour in a jar of unrefined sunflower oil. All this should infuse for about two weeks. The resulting composition should be applied to scars several times a day. Gradually the skin will be straightened, and defects will be less noticeable. Also this mixture is very good for burns. It should be noted that the ointment from the flowers of the white lily can be stored in the refrigerator for several years.

For the treatment of thermal burn, you can heat 250 milliliters of sunflower oil and put in two chopped onions. Onions should fry until Golden brown. Then the liquid needs to drain through cheesecloth into a clean jar. Then add 50 grams of beeswax. The resulting mixture cool and store in the refrigerator. Apply this composition on the scars every day. However, the regeneration of the skin will be quite long.

To get rid of old scars. take one part beeswax and spruce gum. and four parts interior pork fat and butter. First of all, it is necessary to melt the interior fat and add butter, wax and gum to it. The mixture must be heated to a boil. Then cool and filter a little. Ointment is best stored in the refrigerator, and must be heated before use. Lubricate her scars three times a day.

Finally it is worth noting that the process of treatment of scars takes a lot of time. However, the treatment is necessary, as such such education can become a serious cosmetic defect. To get rid of scars faster, you should take vitamins and drink carrot and beet juices. Recommend the first appearance of the scars to turn to the experts. since with the application of traditional methods of treatment the required effect comes much faster than with the use of folk remedies.