Gout is a disease characterized by deposition in some tissues of the body's acids and salts. In this article we will explain what should happen gout treatment at home.

The most common contributing factor of this disease is hypertension. In addition, the emergence of gout helps intake of so-called purine bases. which are found in red meat, in some honeycomb fish, in coffee and alcohol. Also, this disease can occur in people with kidney failure and autoimmune diseases.

One of the symptoms of gout is an attack of acute arthritis. arising suddenly. Unpleasant sensations can also appear in the joint. As a rule, such an attack triggers a violation of diet. Another contributing factor is trauma and micro-injury caused by prolonged walking or wearing narrow shoes.

Most often gout manifests as swelling of the skin at the joint near the big toe. Many patients because of severe pain in the joint can not even wear socks. Sometimes acute gout may be accompanied by fever and general malaise. However, even in the absence of treatment, gouty arthritis will gradually disappear within 5-7 days.

Gout refers to those diseases that cannot be cured, but can be "kept in check". In case of this disease, we recommend that you consult a doctor who can individually choose a diet for you. Only with proper nutrition will the disease go away.

As a rule, to deal with the gouty arthritis is prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs (nimesil, indomethacin, diclofenac and others). The use of these drugs will get rid of sudden attacks of gout.

In order to relieve the pain during an attack, you can applied to the affected joint, ice. wrapped in fabric. However, be aware that sometimes the ice increases the crystallization of salts, which will lead to increased pain. In this case, it will help dry heat .

In the event that the seizures occur more than twice a year, the doctor can prescribe medications that will reduce the level of uric acid in the blood for a long time.

To prevent repeated attacks are recommended to monitor their weight. since weight is a factor in the appearance of gout. Try to eat less fatty foods. Also avoid fasting and low calorie diets. Reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially beer. In addition, limit consumption of meat and seafood.

For prevention of this disease exercise. If there is no such possibility, regularly perform physical exercises of medium intensity: swim, ride a bicycle at a low speed, go fast and so on.

As you can see, gout treatment at home is a proper diet and taking medications prescribed by a doctor. Also to get rid of inflammation of the joints you can use folk remedies. Chop half a bulb and 5 large cloves of garlic. Also take an aloe leaf, a piece of beeswax and add all the ingredients to the pan. In the mixture obtained, add one tablespoon of melted butter. Put the saucepan on a slow fire until it boils. After a minute, remove the mixture from the heat and mix well. After everything has cooled down, apply the mixture overnight to a sore spot in the form of a compress.