Inguinal lymph nodes detained and destroyed in the lymph of pathogens, which can come from genital and other organs of the pelvis or lower extremities.

All lymph nodes are an important part of the human immune system, which removes bacteria, viruses and foreign particles from the body.

While the lymph nodes in the inguinal region work normally, no one knows about their existence, but if there is an overload, they increase and often become painful.

Causes inflammation of inguinal lymph nodes

Lymph nodes are filled with special blood cells - lymphocytes, which directly fight infection. If the infection of the body is insignificant, the inflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes is almost imperceptible, and their swelling and soreness quickly go away with the infection.

If the tumor increases and the pain increases, the causes of inflammation can be associated with more serious diseases. A slight increase in the lymph nodes in the inguinal area can be caused by allergic reactions, slight infection of the legs and pelvis, benign cyst, stretching of muscles or narcotic drugs.

To more serious causes, which can develop quite noticeable and painful inflammation of the lymph nodes in the groin include STDs, AIDS, cancers of the testicles and pelvic, kidney stones, hernia, etc the treatment usually takes a long time, so the swelling and soreness of the lymph nodes may be cured in the first place.

As a rule, if the lymph nodes are inflamed, it means that somewhere near the hearth of the disease. Therefore, the causes of inflammation in the groin may be due to:

  • sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted diseases
  • cancer of the pelvic organs
  • diseases of the genitourinary system
  • fungal infections of the lower extremities
  • with the defeat of the reproductive system
  • purulent skin and subcutaneous diseases, such as furunculosis.

It should be noted that inguinal lymphonoduses in women can become inflamed more often than in men, which is explained by the peculiarities of the structure of the female genitourinary system and the pelvic area. The increase and inflammation of inguinal lymph nodes in men may be associated with swelling of the penis or testicles.

Quite often inflamed lymph nodes do not cause any anxiety at rest, but during movement or palpation create significant pain.

Inflammation of inguinal lymph nodes in children should first of all pay attention to the integrity of the skin on the legs: even with minor skin damage, the infection can enter the body of the child, which will lead to inflammation and the appearance of pain in the groin.

What to do if you have a lymph node in the groin area?

If the inguinal lymph node has become inflamed, it is necessary immediately to see a doctor and undergo an examination in order to identify the causes of the disease and to remove symptoms. As the main treatment used antibacterial drugs, which are sold only on prescription, so a visit to the clinic is mandatory.

Treatment of inflammation of inguinal lymph nodes in women, men and children

If the inguinal lymphoma is sore, its treatment should be started immediately. although it is believed that mild inflammation can go away on its own. In this case, a good effect gives the use of dry heat, a course of physiotherapy, the intake of tincture of echinacea and diuretics. But the doctor must be visited in any case, since it is strictly recommended not to engage in self-medication of inguinal lymph nodes.