Each owner of your new pet is faced with a question: what do you call a parrot. Choosing a name for your pet is a very domestic process, because it is given for life and cannot be changed.

Choose a name for a parrot is often very difficult. Because many do not want to use simple names like Kesha, gosh, Dasha, Ksenia. I want something artsy, beautiful and sonorous. Only here the question arises: can he parrot to say your name. Of course, if this is not a talking parrot, then you can choose any name. And if the speaker, then it is worth thinking about.

The specialists-ornithologists suggest when choosing a name for a parrot to follow certain rules. First, the name must be the sounds of hissing and sounds «h "and "to "they will be easier to repeat Your pet. Oddly enough, parrots are very fond of "growl", so the bird may be good for the name, which is present sound «R   ". You yourself will notice with what pleasure the bird will pronounce its name.

Do not forget that the parrots utter the words in a sing-song manner, so the presence of vowel sounds, which you can pull, is also necessary (for example, Gri-i-isha).

There is a set of sounds that causes parrots difficulties with pronunciation. In some species it sounds "with », «z », «centners ". But for all birds, the main difficulty are the sound "m », «n », «l   ". This does not mean at all that the bird will never learn to pronounce words that contain such sounds. Sooner or later it will happen, but how you want the parrot to learn to pronounce its name first.

Also on the question of what to call a parrot you should think if You are looking for the original name. Very often the owners are trying to find a very pretentious nickname, not thinking about how it will affect bird and others. So, funny enough the name can raise the ambient mood. especially if you own a parrot utters it. But rather complex names can leave their mark on the character of the parrot. The more complicated the name the more mysterious may be the character of Your Pets.

There are cases when the owners gave the parrot double names, for example, Mary Poppins. It turns out that a parrot can get used to a double name so much that it will not react to any of its shortened versions. Therefore, the pet will expect from the owner, when he utters the full name.

Note that the name of parrot may not be similar to any other names of family members or nicknames of already existing Pets. Do not once again confuse the parrot with the harmony of certain words, because he is just beginning to repeat his name.

When You finally chose what to call a parrot, try to say his name gently, calm, loving voice. This will enable the bird to not only get used to the name, but also feel that this word does not carry any danger to birds. The bird quickly remember and learn your name. She will love him so much that it starts to constantly repeat. Most importantly, the owner of a parrot do not forget to constantly use the name of the bird in different sentences and expressions. Gradually the parrot begins to repeat the light surrounding it was the name of the word.

In short, you can give some examples of good names for parrots. For males you can select these names. Amur, Vzhik, Shurshun, Gosha, Arkasha, Tishka, Kopusha, Archik, Dandy, Igorsha, Chernysh, Varestky, Kesh, Karlosha, Tisha, Grisha, Timosha, Shurik, Shrek, Chizhik, Alex, Makar, Nick, Casper, Bert, Roy, Tim, Troy, Pechkin, Farat, Bruce, Patrick, Kuzya, Jacques, Oscar, Kane, Coco, Flint, Boy, Dick, Richie, Fritz, Felix, Phoenix, Hugh, Yasha.

For females suitable names. Asya, Rosetta, Alexis, Tiffany, Elvira, Gypsy, Joo, Jolly, Bertha, Roni, Rimma, Lisa, Gerda, Ollie, Kiki, Chloe, Hera, Laura, Rita, Kitty, Elsa, Alka, Dasha, Franny, Bianca, Ksyusha, Bella, Nancy, Sheri, Maya, Zara, Cathy, Peppy, Katyusha, Shura, Tasha, Lika, Tutti, Kiwi, Rose, Floy, Ella.