The Shih Tzu is a very beautiful and graceful dogs. In Europe, they have appeared recently, but each day more and more people fall in love with them. What wins our hearts dog breed Shih Tzu.

How unusual is the title of "Shih Tzu"! There are several translations of the name of the breed: "giving happiness », «the media world », «the dog ". What is the most likely displays the features of the Shih Tzu is unknown. Also in China they are called "dog-chrysanthemum  ", And all because of their kind of muzzle, which is so similar to this flower.

Breed of dog Shih Tzu was believed in ancient China the privilege of the emperors. Only they could keep these dogs. In no case could they be sold. And only Tibetan monks presented the emperors with puppies as a gift. Also, Shih Tzu dogs were strictly forbidden to export from China. This ban was lifted only in 1908, when the last Empress Tsu-Xi died.

In Europe, the dog breed Shih Tzu appeared only in the late 30-ies of XX century. And then they quickly began to conquer all countries with their wonderful appearance.

Dogs of this breed are courage, loyalty and generosity. But at the same time they are also loyal, affectionate and very smart. Shih Tzu do not conflict with other animals and is very attached to people. Due to its sociable character, they do not allocate one to a particular host, and is bound to all family members. Dog breed Shih Tzu is perfect for elderly or lonely people. But with children there may be problems. The fact is that Shih Tzu tend to perceive small children as their own kind of dogs, so they will play furiously with them.

Color breed

Standard color of the Shih Tzu breed does not exist. Any of them, but especially appreciated the presence on the face of the white strands. that apart, like the petals of a chrysanthemum. However, it is preferable that the Shih Tzu was yellow or Golden in color, because this color was the color emperors in China. It is believed that dogs in black and brown have a more violent nature than those of the light.

The breed standard

Face should be short (2.5 cm), straight, wide and without wrinkles. Long strands of wool hanging down in the form of a tuft. It is recommended to tie the hair, so she did not fall on the eyes, otherwise the dog will have problems with vision. Ears. large, pendulous. Eyes. widely spaced, rounded.

Case. rectangular shape, stretched. The back is straight. Paws short and muscular. The high-set tail is constantly thrown on the back. A long coat dissolves with it like a fan.

The coat Shih Tzu long and thick. A slight waviness is allowed, but it should not curl. To care for the hair of shih-tzu it is necessary constantly, otherwise there will be a lot of koltuns.

A few rules for grooming a Shih Tzu

To choose the most suitable shampoo for wool have by trial and error, because every dog needs an individual approach. Visivite your Shih Tzu as often. to avoid tangles. Shih Tzu are very abundant start shedding at the age of 10-12 months, when they take a puppy coat. During this period, the dog should be often comb especially. This usually lasts up to three weeks, but it will get easier.

Remember that soft hair tangle faster than hard, so it should be brushed more often. Comb the hair with a hair brush with flexible bristles. Start with the hind legs, then go to the forelegs, and only then to the stomach. Comb the dog from above to the center and back. Pay special attention to the areas of the neck, ears and under the feet. It is in these places that the wool intensely rubs and very often there are coils.

Do not comb dry hair. since its electrification may damage the ends of hair. Pour a little bit of spray. Also you cannot brush the dog after his bath.. because in this case the wool will break again. Also, one should not bathe the shih-tzu with matted hair - water can lead to even more formation of koltuns.