The tumor is irregular abnormal growth of cells in the body. Tumors are of two types: benign and malignant. It malignant the tumor in the cat may indicate the development of cancer.

The tumor in cats is quite common. The risk of their development increases with the age of the animal. So, cause of death of many pet cats over the age of 10 is cancer. It is very important to the owners on time determined the development of the disease the animal, because in this case increase the chances for successful treatment and life extension.

To determine the type of tumors in cats veterinarian will take tissue biopsy and lymph node. a blood test. will do x-rays and ultrasound. Unfortunately, in the early stages of cancer do not manifested, therefore, only constant supervision over the condition of the animal and detection of tumors can help identify the disease.

The tumor in the cat may indicate the development of various cancers. Least likely to be found skin cancer animal. To detect cancer of the skin should follow skin pigmentation in cats. This disease it is difficult to determine, because the presence of this abnormal pigmentation under fur is almost impossible.

Breast tumor the most common and accounts for 85% of all cancer cases. To identify periodically inspect the area of mammary glands in cats. When the detection of the smallest tumors seek the advice of a veterinarian. Cancer in cats begin to quickly grow and develop, so the faster will be the treatment, the less impact will be on the animal.

Also very common tumors in the nasal and oral cavity. Their presence and development can indicate an unpleasant odor of the breath, bleeding, difficulty breathing or swallowing.

Bone cancer very rare, but it is quite pronounced. Its development can indicate difficulty in movement, lameness, rigidity of the body.

If you found a tumor in the cat and when you went to the doctor, the animal was diagnosed with cancer, do not rush to panic. Treatment plan cat will depend on the stage of the disease and the General condition of the animal. There are two methods of treatment: operational and {!LANG-a1ca9a64db6cb6b50cd72ceec1d05413!} .

Surgical method is not always advisable. after all, if the tumor in the cat is too big, it makes no sense to remove it, since the animal may not survive the surgery. is cancer treatment with immunotherapy or chemotherapy. Immunotherapy is combined with other drugs that increase the body's resistance to disease. In some cases, immunotherapy leads to complete recovery of the animal, in others it only slows the progression of the disease.

For the treatment of cancer in cats there is no special cat medication. so very often use medications designed for humans. Thus, the use of ASD and ASD-2 gives positive results, but again, it is not necessary to do intense treatment for cats at home.

Also, be aware that the choice of the clinic where You will treat a cat, should be taken seriously. Because many veterinarians do not treat the pet, and heal him to death, carried out operative intervention where they are not needed, or when too late they already hold. It is best to consult several clinics and choose the best type of treatment. If without surgery can not do, be prepared for the appearance of metastases in the animal.

Metastases is a child of the parent tumors from the tumor after its removal. Metastases are dangerous because they appear suddenly and in the most unimaginable places: they can appear in the lungs, stomach, liver, or brain. But, before that, the animal will be a couple of years of a carefree and joyful life.

If You see that any methods of treatment can no longer help the animal, may leave the disease to chance. There are cases. when after the onset of the crisis of the animal, there is improvement in his health. because the body begins to activate inner strength to fight the tumor.