In summer, our body does not need a large number of calories. In the warm season, everything contributes to losing weight: delicious and low-calorie berries, fruits, vegetables and fresh air. In addition, in summer the appetite becomes less, because the body does not need to protect itself from colds by the accumulation of fats. At the same time, the long-awaited vacation and a trip to the sea are approaching, which motivates to get rid of excess weight. Favorite diet is very useful and helps to lose a few pounds.

Favorite diet vegetables

When tasty and useful vegetables and fruits ripen in the beds, sausages, cutlets and cakes should be moved away. In the hot season, meat products and confectionery products are the heightened risks of falling into bed with poisoning. At the same time, by increasing the intake of fresh berries and vegetables, you will be charged with a vitamin cocktail for a year ahead.

Favorite diet involves eating beets, cabbage, zucchini, onions, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and greens. In addition to the diet, you can add seasonal fruit to your discretion. Cherries, strawberries and raspberries. Apricot, peaches and apples. Melons and watermelons. Thus, a week you can lose 4 kilograms.

Menu of vegetable diet for 7 days:

  • 1 day. Breakfast salad from fresh cabbage with cucumbers and herbs, seasoned with lemon juice. 1 slice of cheese. Green tea without sugar. Lunch vegetable ragout of zucchini, cabbage, cauliflower. For dinner a Cup of yogurt and fruit.
  • Day 2. Breakfast 1 egg and a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes. Unsweetened tea. For lunch soup is made with cauliflower. For dinner roasted vegetables.
  • Day 3. Breakfast 100 grams of cottage cheese and vegetable salad. You can drink a Cup of unsweetened coffee. Lunch vegetable ragout of broccoli, tomato and zucchini. For dinner fruit salad or smoothie.
  • Day 4. The Breakfast salad from a boiled beet 1 egg, unsweetened tea. Lunch onion soup. For dinner a Cup of yogurt and roasted vegetables.
  • Day 5. Breakfast 2 eggs, slice of cheese and a Cup of coffee. Lunch vegetable ragout of zucchini, cabbage, potatoes and green peas. For dinner roasted vegetables.
  • Day 6. For Breakfast chicken breast and tea. For lunch sauerkraut. For dinner a Cup of yogurt.
  • Day 7. Breakfast salad from fresh vegetables and 1 slice of cheese. Lunch vegetarian soup. In the evening Shiite fruit salad and wash down with a Cup of yogurt.

Than useful vegetables?

The uniqueness of losing weight in the summer is that you do not exhaust your body, but purify it and fill it with vitamins. Nature promotes weight loss and gives you many useful gifts. For example, cabbage has a positive effect on the digestive system and improves the digestibility of food. Zucchini contains a large number of vitamins, it has a beneficial effect on the skin and hair. Onion is considered a natural antioxidant. Not so important is the detailed menu of your favorite diet. The main thing is that the meals do not burden the body, after them you feel easy and free.

Reviews about your favorite diet

As the reviews show, in general, the favorite summer diet of girls are similar in diet and give excellent results. They are especially popular before traveling to the sea. At the same time, every lady has her secrets of losing weight and her favorite diets. Share your feedback on the effective weight loss with us. Perhaps you helped to lose weight sweet strawberries, watermelons or zucchini?