The diet is seasonal. It can be planned since the appearance of cucumbers on the shelves of markets and supermarkets - since about June. Such a summer diet will help to quickly remove excess centimeters from the waist and hips. In addition, cucumbers will help to cleanse the intestine and other organs, will heal the skin. At the end of the diet, you will notice not only positive changes in the proportions of the body, but also in the state of health in general! This miracle vegetable will help restore the water-salt balance and speed up the metabolism.

The diet is designed in such a way that a person eats 1.2 -2.5 kg of cucumbers for several meals a day.

Cucumber diet. Menu with examples in 7 days

The diet involves four meals a day: Breakfast (8:00-9:00), lunch (13:00), afternoon snack (16:00) and dinner (18:00).

  • two of cucumber, a medium piece of black bread
  • chicken broth and one Apple
  • orange or any other fruit
  • vegetable salad in vegetable oil with cucumbers.
  • the average piece of black bread, two cucumber
  • boiled fish (100 g), rice (100g) and salted cucumber
  • a cucumber
  • vegetable salad in vegetable oil with the addition of cucumbers.
  • a bit of black bread, two cucumber
  • 50 g of boiled beef, salad of radish and cucumber
  • Apple
  • assorted vegetables with the addition of cucumbers.
  • the average cracker from rye bread, two cucumber
  • vegetable salad (cabbage, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, radishes) and one orange
  • any fruit
  • 30 g of hard cheese and two cucumber.
  • two boiled eggs and two cucumbers;
  • rice, cucumber and 20 g of hard cheese
  • pear
  • vegetable salad with cucumbers.
  • the average loaf of black bread, a cucumber
  • vegetable soup (without frying), boiled egg and peach;
  • Mandarin
  • vegetable salad with cucumbers.
  • a bit of black bread, two cucumber
  • peaches, vegetable soup
  • cucumber
  • vegetable salad in olive oil with cucumbers.

Usually during different diets it is necessary to drink at least two liters of water per day. However, cucumbers and so contain a large percentage of liquid, so it is acceptable to reduce the consumption of clean water to one liter. It is also allowed to drink green tea, but without sugar or honey.

Advantages of the diet

Plus the fact that the feeling of hunger is almost not there, the process is easy and not burdensome. Already in the first time, a noticeable change in the figure. For the whole week, you can lose up to 5 kilos of excess weight. To repeat the program it is recommended not earlier than after three months. This gap is necessary in order not to introduce the body to stress and give it time to rest.

Disadvantages diet

Cucumbers can harm people with urolithiasis. Therefore, if you have a similar problem - it is better to consult with a specialist.

Diet on cucumbers is very popular. The feedback of those who managed to bring themselves into shape with her help leaves no doubt about the effectiveness. Women emphasize that the nutrition program makes it possible not only to become slimmer, but also to save the result afterwards. Have you decided to try this program? Or have you already lost weight, and you have something to share? Leave comments, share your opinion and advice.