Once Ekaterina Mirimanova was stunned to see a figure of 120 kilograms on the scales. A variety of diets and fasting did not work. The woman every time broke and seized their failures. But still she managed to turn her flaw into a strong side and even earned on excess weight. Mirimanova came up with a new way to lose weight. Her diet "Minus 60" inspired thousands of women not just to compete for slenderness, but to get hope and start a new way of life.

What is the essence?

All the rules of the diet Ekaterina Mirimanova invented herself and tried on herself. After waking up and before noon, the golden time for the woman comes. You can eat whatever the soul and body desire. Chocolate, cake, fried potatoes or chicken. Of course, do not overeat and turn into a kolobok. For a month it is recommended to gradually replace high-calorie foods with low-calorie foods and get rid of bad habits. For example, you can not fish, but bake.

The approximate diet menu 60 after 12 looks somewhat stricter. For example, soup should be made either on broth without potatoes, or with vegetables, but without broth. It is forbidden to have mayonnaise, butter in large quantities and all fried. Dinner is required until 18:00. You should have a snack with a small amount of cottage cheese, vegetables or yogurt.

Diet "Minus 60" menu

Breakfast. You should start your morning with a healthy and hearty breakfast. Milk porridge, a sandwich with butter and cheese; mashed potatoes with chicken, salad and yogurt; fried eggs and toast with bacon. Up to 12 you can treat yourself to even a second breakfast. Have a snack at work or school with bread with pâté, a slice of pizza or cheese.

Dinner. After 12 try to have dinner with soup. It should not be particularly high-calorie. From the saltwort is better to refuse. After 12, you should take the habit of thinking about calories and trying to reduce them. In addition to soup, you can dine with steamed fish, vegetable ragout, seafood, salted or pickled vegetables, broccoli or pumpkin soup.

Dinner 60. Before 18:00, have a light meal. For example, kefir with strawberries, tomato and cucumber salad, egg, boiled chicken breast. During dinner, the rule of separate food comes into force. If you decide to dine foods rich in protein, then exclude carbohydrates from the diet.

When dieting is important, it is important to drink plenty of water and remember that diet is not limited to weight loss. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the skin, in order that there are no stretch marks from a sudden drop in weight. Use a cream against cellulite and from stretch marks and wrinkles. Do not forget about exercise and stress. Walk more, ride a bicycle, run. The psychological aspect of the "Minus 60" diet is also important. Do not postpone weight loss for tomorrow and lose weight for someone. Become beautiful today and for yourself.

Diet "Minus 60": reviews

For several years the diet of 60 Mirimana has helped many women. Catherine became for them an example for imitation, a motivator and inspirer. She proved that you can become beautiful and slim with any weight. The main thing is desire and action. Women with this method of farewell with excess weight lost from 5 to 60 kilograms. Do you want to try to lose weight with the help of Mirimanov's advice? Perhaps you already did it? Share your results with us!